We've arrived from NW

Staying at Guildford Prem Inn.

Had four rainsports fitted on our Berkeley last week - which were well tested out in the torrent we drove through on the way down today!

Planning a run to the south coast tomorrow - possibly Bognor, and hopefully top down in the sunshine. We’ll be watching out for 5s and be sure to wave if we spot any.

Only spotted one other 5 in car park at Guildford, a red Mk3RC with Yorkshire Ridings livery.

Really looking forward to Sunday, see you there!

Ray & Bev

Hi Guys,

Welcome to the area. Hopefully we’ll see an improvement with the weather. We (South Central) have a small convoy running up to Brooklands Sunday from Farnham (8-9) miles outside of Guildford you’re more than welcome to join us. Enjoy your south coast run tomorrow.


Thanks for the offer Andy. I see from other topic you’re meeting at Sainsburys at 9.

We’ll see how we are for time after our ‘all you can eat’ breakfast Sunday morning.

Regards Ray

Or as an alternative theres a good size convoy leaving M25 Cobham services (bout 20mins from Brooklands). Meeting at 9 for a coffee and butty.



Look out for some of the SWM members as they are stopping at the days inn.    And by the way traffic allowing Brooklands is 10 minutes. 


Well, we found the sunshine on the coast at Bognor yesterday. Dodged a couple of showers, had a great top down drive and a walk and ice cream on the sea front.

Today we’ve had a fantastic day at Brooklands. Loads to see and do on the museum site, plus we managed a ‘flight’ on Concorde, and managed not to ‘fly’ on our two runs up the test hill … all in the dry and with a hint of sunshine!

Some great photos been posted. I’ll add some of mine when we’re home. Just on with planning the best shower dodging, top down route for our drive home to Lancashire tomorrow.