What colour blue is my NB?

  1. My model of MX-5 is: 2005 NB
  2. I’m based near: __
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on:

I need to get a scuff fixed. I’ve read the info topic but my colour doesn’t seem to be listed. It’s a dark metallic blue that’s almost purple in some lights.

Here’s the car:

The vin plate, and the sticker in the door shut read -JMZNB18Pxxxxxxxxxx

I’m presuming 18P refers to the colour, but I can’t find it listed. Thanks in advance :blush:

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Is it Strato Blue aka Indigo blue Mica?

I don’t think that will be correct. The paint code wouldn’t normally form part of the VIN.

It’s confusing - a Google search and some hits say it’s in the vin some say it isn’t.

I’m the second owner and I got a lot of paperwork from the original owner. Just had a rummage through it and found the brochure for that year. The only blue listed is Strato Blue Mica (25E)

I think that some manufacturers - but not Mazda - place the paint code on the same sticker as the VIN. It’s also possible that some paint manufacturers can do a look-up of a VIN and find out what the original colour was when the car was manufactured (BMW, for example), but I’m fairly certain that the 17-character VIN itself does not contain any information about paint colours.

Is it not part of the VIN as such, but shown on the plate along with what edition it is etc? ?I thought there was a section for colour? I still think it is Strato Blue

Thanks. I think you’re right.

I have just checked the VIN plate on my MX-5 and there is no mention of Paint Code (or edition) anywhere on it.

Many (most?) other manufacturers do include Paint Code information on their VIN plates.

UPDATE: I’ve just found a photograph of the VIN plate from my (long departed) NB, and that did indeed have both Exterior and Interior colour on it.

Is there not one of these? This was my NA and it showed the exterior colour…

We were obviously both posting at the same time! Looks like it was on NA and NB, but not on NC.

Ah ok. not familiar with those…clearly a backward step!!

I Can’t find anything like that on the car. This is my NB’s vin plate:

Apart from the VIN its not particularly useful! But your question about the colour is hopefully answered?

Mazda stopped putting paint codes on their cars a good few years back then reintroduced it onto VIN plates recently (2017 production onwards). Your car TerryM1 is Strato Blue, code 25E.


Yes, many thanks all.

Thank you!

From Keith Tanner’s book “Mazda MX5 Find it fix it trick it” ( a fun read and worth buying if you can find it cheap) , 18P means
1 - two wheel drive
8 - convertible body style
P - engine code ( 1.8 litre)
The VIN does not contain any info on paint colour and as far as I know there is no paint code indicator on the car itself. Assuming the car is in its original colour, it is Strato Blue Mica 25E as that is what was offered in the January 2004 UK brochure (and it looks like the colour in the brochure pics). Your car appears to be a 2004 or later build, as it has the silver-painted centre console trim and windblocker speakers which were standard on 1.8 litre models in the Jan 2004 brochure. Before that the silver trim was not available, windblocker speakers were only fitted to the Euphonic and the blue was Supreme Blue Mica 22A, which looks too light in the 2003 brochure pics…although it is not easy to tell!

You could try going to the Parts department of a Mazda Dealer and ask them for something, they will ask for the VIN to put into the parts system and that should bring up full details of the car, including the original paint code.