What do y'all do with spare trim/parts?

Recently bought me my first mx5 (a beautiful 2000 mk2) -v.excited!!! have started to make modifications already, but what do you guys do with trim/parts that you take off?

I want to remove the carpets, centre console, door cards etc - bearing in mind they are 20 year old parts, do you guys bin them, or sell them, or keep them in case?

All three things, but what we don’t do is try and sell them on the forum without first joining the MX5 Owners Club.

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Thanks for the etiquette advice. I am a member of the Owners Club and not looking to sell anything right now. Just wondering what the community at large does :slight_smile: For some car clubs (more so the classics) there is a big community for old parts, others view most parts as scrap and bin them - I have no preference.

You will find that a lot of MX5 owners will have spare parts that they have taken off their cars “just in case”… I have a shelf in my garage with lots of stuff on it - some is ok and can be reused, some should be in the bin…However if you do not want to keep it, you will get rid of most things of decent quality or if its rare on here…

3 options

    1. Ebay
    1. Join the club and use its forum
    1. Do both!

I’d give my right arm ( well, not quite!) for matching door cards for my apparently rare '93 VS tan interior right now even if they were scruffy but restorable. One man’s muck can so often be another’s Godsend.
I’ve given up, and will have to have the current ones expensively re-covered since the plastics have split with sheer age. Point is, no matter how you view your lesser bits & bobs, sooner or later some poor desperado like me might thank you for them. Just my take…
I note you joined the OC officially in Oct 2019? That’s what Computah Sez anyhow…apparently.

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will keep this in mind - for alot of the stuff, just seeing it go to a good home would be better than chucking it out or leaving on a shelf! :slight_smile: Yeah I joined the forum in Oct19 when I started my search for an MX5. Officially switched to full membership last month when I finally bought one (was a long search!!)


That’s the true spirit!

I have all my old MX-5 bits (including a treasured bootlid with ducktail spoiler) taking up space in my shed. I don’t own an MX-5 at the moment and it seems unlikely I will again in the near future. But you can’t get rid can you?

You might find that Martim has a matching stretchable vinyl. I recovered S-Limited cards with this. The grain and colour were a very very close match. The stretchable vinyl means you can use a hairdryer to stretch the vinyl tight.

The tops are original, the bottom are recovered. Used the same stuff to recover the black Mazdaspeed knee brace.

First time I did this, but very easy process. I followed these videos, as the guy had a freestyling approach that appealed to me, and good explanation how to get those corners cut.

Need good scissors, new Stanley knife, spray adhesive, box of bullclips.

You might be able to get Martrim to send you samples. The material is cheap; I spent ÂŁ20, and had enough for 2-3 cars. Plenty to make mistakes with.


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Thank you very much indeed Saz.
I think you know my interior well enough hence the problem.
I’ll need to look into that.
Maybe send a sample…that’s easy…there’s bits falling off anyhow!


Because your leather is leather, the door cards are vinyl and the dash is from somewhere else, exact match might not be possible, ie. do you want it matching the door tops (which will have discoloured due to sun), seats or moulded parts of the dash. You can get them to send samples of all of their tan vinyls.

I probably need to go through the process sometime again with the S-Special, as the cards are starting to split a bit.

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