What happened to Fuzz?


Dinner finished, game show host (!!!??!)

What happened to Fuzz Townshend the after dinner speaker?




I don’t think he was ever going to be an after dinner speaker, he’s doing 2 slots at the rally tomorrow…

Sorry guys but what is this about,

There are plenty of people at the show like Robbie and the Menders team that know these cars, every nut bolt and crease.

There is a bloke from the TV who is a mechanic that knows lots of cars but not the very wide knowledge that our own guys have on our cars.

Now there is Sandp complaining that the bloke from the telly did not make an after dinner speech that he was not billed to do.

There appear to be people on the forum that consider seeing people from the telly is the most important thing in there life this week.

Grow Up!


I don’t believe that rudeness is called for. Mr Cairns your response appears to be quite condescending.


Perhaps Sandp was mistaken or misread something. Giving him the benefit of doubt might have been a kinder way of posing your answer.


Anyway that is my humble opinion for which I have no doubt I will be chastised for.






Point well made Grant - sounds like someone got out of the wrong side of bed!

Not for the first time either…


so:who is fuzz?

…and is he hot?


‘HOT FUZZ’ - obviously unappreciated humour for which I apologise. Just trying to ween you guys off the br4xit style of post created by another successful MX5 rally that I had no chance of getting to. Lighten up guys!!


He’s the car restorer with the big wooly Afro hat on TV’s ‘Car SOS’ with Tim Shaw. 

On More 4 now

Well, I saw Fuzz today loads of times and he never refused a “selfie” to anyone and his face must be sore now as he was always smiling. The OP asked a question and I don’t think he was being rude, I just wish others would think before they post. Words can be so hurtful when written rather than said face to face,

This was my first National event and it wont be my last. I cannot thank everyone enough who organized it, the helpers who made the day and of course everyone I meet “member wise” who were friendly and polite. 

Role on next year I might even put my car in the Show & Shine.


Cypher - You said… “I just wish others would think before they post. Words can be so hurtful when written rather than said face to face.”


TRUE. Trolls only say such things when they aren’t face to face. If they did they’d pick the wrong one and receive a punch in the kisser.  

wow…as a new member this is the first topic I’ve read and there are harsh words flying about.


Fuzz strikes me as a top fella, he owns an MX-5 so is well positioned to be at the event and I’m sure he wouldn’t pretend to be more knowledgeable than MX-5 specialists. Either way, he probably attracted a few more people to the event which makes it worthwhile for all.

“I just wish others would think before they post. Words can be so hurtful when written rather than said face to face


It’s ‘Rude’ Eddie Cairns.  Inexcusable every time, but you do get used to it.  Everyone else is lovely.   

Don’t be put off, it’s usually very civil (with the exception of one or two members).




I’ll second that .

Fuzz was never expected at what was an excellent dinner. Such a shame this event is being discontinued due to over popularity and subsequently lack of large enough venues! We thoroughly enjoyed the evening 


Didn’t know the dinner was being stopped; never been to a pre-rally dinner but, surely if it’s that large an event then a big capacity marquee could be arranged on site with caterers etc.

That’s odd, I didn’t take any post as deliberately rude.  Mind you I’m new so have no experience of personalities here so bow to those with extended knowledge or experience. 

I have lost count of the number of my own posts elsewhere where after a re-read realised they can come across differently from my intention when they are seen ‘naked’, without the smile on my face when I wrote them, or the chuckle in anticipation of a favourable reception. Also, without the addition of emoticons which I look upon as primitive cave painting.

The chances of a misunderstanding through this medium are great, so perhaps a modicum of positive latitude would avoid further escalation? If anybody finds this rude, accept my apologies.  If every post had to end with that sentence to avoid hurt feelings, how sad.