What have you done to your MX-5 today?

Fine looking RF there… :ok_hand:

hid the boot rack :smiley:

i can see out the back properly now

Bit of waxing


Looking to try and restore some power on my Mk1, anyone got any ideas?

Try a new air filter (standard is fine) and some decoke stuff to put in the petrol. This is a cheap thing to do and will make some difference.

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Did a quick turret service made so easy by @McTrucky s

Notchy gear change - selector limit plate wear on NC 6 Speed


Coilovers fitted


Just finished compounding my boot lid that I repainted last week. The paint had gone a bit milky so am very pleased with the result.


Hiya Bally,
Have you tested them, what do you think…
I have just purchased a NB and am toying with the idea.

Their ok :thinking::thinking:
For £170
Better than 18yr old suspension :+1:t3::+1:t3:
Yes drives ok , but not what you want if going to do track days

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I wished it (her?) Happy 1st Birthday!

May have to go out for a celebratory spin after work - no commute as WFH…

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I had to refit the plastic under tray under the engine as one side fell off.

Dried out the driver’s side carpet and that fixed the bad starting issue.
Also refurbed the base of the heated seat where the water had caused it to rust. Nice and shiny now. And sprayed the black bits black again.

Recently fitted Verus Engineering hood louvres


Prepping my inner wing and topping up the underseal in readiness for the arrival of a new wing.


I was about to give the NC a wash and its annual ceramic wax today in preparation for its upcoming service and MOT.

I opened the garage door and thought, “Looks good; the sun has gone in, it’s cool and the wind dropped, perfect.”


Something dropped about a cupful of chalky white sticky gritty liquid almost like plaster-of-paris from a great height, spread out like a shotgun blast such that it completely covered the spot where the NC would have been a minute later. Perfect aim, just jumped the gun a bit.

I closed the garage door. If unusual heavy traffic like this is passing overhead today, I’ll wait for another time on another day.

I’ve just spent half an hour cleaning the incidental peripheral splatter off the Mazda3 five metres away, less than a tenth of the full load, but still enough to cover half the car. Thank goodness the water-budt is full of soft calc-free water for final rinsing so I don’t need to dry it off as well.

I’ve no idea what the bird was, but it must have been a big one. Heron?

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Can’t thank you enough for not sharing pictures. :wink:


Maybe it was a Pterodactyl?

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Absolutely not! Too much info for anyone, regardless of their hardiness and strength of mind.

My first thought was some mischievous kid with a wet-flour bomb, but that would never achieve such effective saturation coverage, more like a fragmentation bomb…

My next thought was to get it off the soft soul-red paint of the Mazda3.

Fortunately it has been raining steadily here and no traces remain on car or concrete.

Now that would have been worth a picture… :grinning: