What is the best oil to use in a 1.6?

I need to change the oil after about 700 miles on my rebuilt motor and I want to get it right, so what’s the best oil to use in a 1992 1.6?

Currently it’s using 10W40 semi-synthetic (Mobil 1 I think).

Engine is standard although I intend to advance to timing back to 14 degrees as at 10 it feels very flat.

I use Mobil 1 5w/40 which is a fully synthetic oil [Mobil 1 Containing patented SuperSyn anti-wear technology Mobil 1 remains the company’s supreme fully synthetic motor oil. Mobil 1 continues to provide the most advanced protection and performance under extreme conditions]  from the Mobil/Exxon website. 

 I get no hla rattle and very good oil pressure 

I’m on Silkolene Pro-S 5W-40 at the mo’. A little more expensive but you do get 5litres. Ryns really smooth.
P.s. Mines a 1.8

Thanks, I get a tiny amount of HLA rattle at startup for about a second, which is normal I think especially as the oil and engine are all brand new and very clean, but I’ll switch to 5W40 fully synthetic if you guys recommend it.

Never seen Silkolene in the shops - is it difficult to get?


Hi James

This guy does Silkolene, he often posts offers on the forum and is a club member


I believe, though no personal experience, that his to the door price is very competitive 

Yes, I’ve seen OpieOilman’s posts on Pistonheads also, and possibly the Tiger Owners Club.

I’ve checked his website and he lists 4 different types of 10W40 semi-synthetic as suitable for a '92 1.6, not 5W40 fully synth.

I’ll contact him and see what he says.



I have use Opie for about 4 years now and their service is superb.  So register on the website, login, immediately the reductions start - The current 15% is available until the 26th and the code is - AREWEMAD - I use Silkolene XTR 10w-40 http://www.opieoils.co.uk/p-6314-silkolene-xtr-10w-40-high-performance-semi-synthetic-engine-oil.aspx  and with discounts am paying £12.65 + delivery for 4 litres.  This is the oil that Guy recommends for the 1.6 five when you speak to him.

The oil will be with you in about 3 days.  I cannot recommend them enough.


Thanks, I’ve order some 5W40 oil from Opie.


1996 1.8S 128k miles.

With 10w 40 semi synthetic my HLAs rattled for ten seconds with the first start of the day this winter.  Switched to Mobil 1 0W 40 - just a soft ticking for one second.  This oil is on offer in Halford’s for £38.  Highly recommended.


Just done exactly the same - I cannot believe the difference!

[:$] - I used Halfords semi-synth, it is a load of ■■■■ in a Mk1. Mobil 1 0-40 has renewed the engine!

 hi iuse halfords 5/40 fully syn and a bottle of wynns hyd lifter treatment i have a trade card and instead of £34.99 for 5 litres its only £17 if you know andbody in the trade they can apply for these cards and you have a wicked saveing on batteries wipper blades oil bulbs ect

 Owners manual states 10/40, thats what it was designed to run on. I appreciate that oils have advanced but the standard MX-5 engine has not so I am quite happy to use a good quality premium 10/40 semi synthetic.

Good on yer Phil, you do whatever suits you

Me too, it went black within 100 kilometres

The Tesco 5W40 fully synthetic was still golden after 8000k and a bottle of Wynns oil flush.

I’m going to use the remaining 4 litres of Halfords semi in my replacement engine for a week or so, will flush it all out and then replace it with some Mobil 10W40 semi (was on special offer) and some Wynns HLA treatment.