What is this?


Hi guys, hopefully these photos come through.


This is a bracket at the back of my engine under the wipers. It looks botched, bolted one side not the other and there is an open eye loop in the bracket. Have searched photos of engines but can’t see anything similar.


Thanks in advance  

My opinion after 35 years of car ownership - 7 vehicles during that period & completion in the mid 1980s of standard & advanced level car maintenance courses at night school - is that this doesn’t really look like anything untoward to me.

Is your car running O.K.?  If so, then I really wouldn’t worry about it - enjoy your “5”.

As my late Dad used to say, “If it isn’t broken, don’t mend it & the time to start worrying is when it falls off”!  

Looking at the proximity of the wiring loom I can only suggest that this is a mount for a missing cable tie to assist in securing the loom.

The wiring does not appear insecure so not an immediate worry.  

Just been out and looked at mine and that part with the hole in on the right is bolted to the back of the cylinder head. Imagine yours was pushed back and down a bit and the a bolt put through into the head. Hope that makes sense.
I did take a picture with my phone if that will help but can’t upload it at the moment. Let me know if you would like me to post it up.

Not sure if this link will work.





Thanks Dave I do appreciate that, the photo has come through too