What LSD got the 1.6L Mk2.5?

I read that 2003 onwards got the Fuji Super LSD, did all the 1.6L got it also or is it just the 1.8?

Only the 1.8 Sport had an LSD from build.

So if i buy a 1.6 i have to replace the diff. which one would you recommend?

Technically, in Japan, the 1.6 NRA edition came with a LSD…

I would look into KAAZ diffs.

If used, you need a diff off a 5-speed late Mk2, or a Mk1. Late 5-speed diffs were 4.300 (maybe). Most Mk1 1.8 LSDs (off a Roadster) are 4.100 Torsen. 95+ Mk1 Roadsters were 4.300 Torsen (so better 0-60, but reduced top end). Torsen trumps Fuji, but both are Torque Sensing. As a LSD, the KAAZ diff is better 9but noisier), but the cost might not be that much off the price of a pile of used parts.

£753., and it just “drops” into the diff housing, whereas the used/scrapyard options will require changing drive shafts and whatnot. And you’ll have bragging rights.