What lurks in your drain tubes!

Well after some not so gentle persuasion, attacking the problem blockage from both ends…i was able to dislodge:-


Soft top plastic window zip body

A screw

A piece of wire


Thankfully my drain holes are now clear and clean.

I am relieved that the sound reducing flaps remain intact.

An annoyingly stressful job is now completed.





Hi Grant  when I first read this, I thought you’d broken/lost these parts during your efforts to clear your tubes  then I realised you’d actually got these random items from the drain tubes! It’s amazing how things disappear into these black holes  glad you got it sorted. A job well worth doing.





You wouldn’t believe how much of a bugger it was to clear a zip body from the tube. It was stuck at an angle about 2/3rds the way down the drain hole.


Tricky little buggers…zips



To keep them clean in future invest in one of these, it makes cleaning these a doddle




Yes indeed I do use a trombone brush.

I don’t think I will have the same problem in future because I don’t intend to use the drain holes as rubbish bins…lol

The bits are from when a roof was replaced, probably by one of those clowns who hack the top off the car, with the frame in-situ.


That is exactly the conclusion I came to.


A tad more care by whoever replaced the roof would have saved me an hour or two of stress.