What made you fall in love with the mx5?

I would have put “buy” but it’s not that type of forum!

Honestly, I had never really given them much thought. I only got my driving license about 2 years ago and my plan was always to buy a cheap run around for the first year until the insurance drops (I’m 36 now, so expected it to go down a fair amount) then get something a bit nicer/faster so I always had my eyes open for something.

Then I was on holiday in Scotland and the sun was shining (yes in Scotland) and coming out of the car park I was going in to was an orange nb with smoked lights and the roof down, I instantly thought “that’s the one!!!” There was something about it. I hit YouTube that night, watched every video I could find on not just the NB but all models and never looked back, then maybe about a year later became the very proud owner of my 2.0 sport galaxy grey nc.

Here’s me picking it up from Mazda Dudes in Darlington


I worked at Mazda dealership between 2006 till end 2011 doing demo’s of Mazda’s and this was my first introduction to the MX-5. When accompanying possible purchasers on their test drive, one thing was always apparent on conclusion… A smiling face and saying that was fun!
What surprised me is how long it took for me to get one of my own - circumstances prevented it for a bit, but in July last year I found “the love” again and got my 2018 ND2 2litre… Was 58 when I got mine and have not looked back :slight_smile:


Year was 2008, I was 38 and was working in the oil industry.
Once again I had returned to my missus after a 3 month spell in Brazil… “you been away along time, will you buy me a mx5?”
So a 1.8 NB in red was purchased…a hair dressers car right ?
At the time I was a very proud owner of a (996) 911 carrera 4… a proper blokes car :joy:
A car that done what it said on the tin…with ease .
So I pop out for a quick try of the NB… that was it, next day Im researching exhausts, air intakes etc etc :joy: explaining to the missus that “its just a good idea to fit these items to help improve the car” :rofl:
A cracking little car, 200bhp down on my porker but it just gave me the same level of fun on Northumberland’s B roads.
It may sound mad but its true, the 911 was to me so well engineered it was at times boring because it could ‘just do it’ and the 5 ?.. well we all know that feeling of getting it just right on the B roads… go into the bends like a mouse come out like a lion :grin:
So many years later, the missus is no longer the missus, the NB is long gone and my NC was acquired last October :grin: :innocent:
Oh love is a strange thing !


I absolutely hated driving, I eventually passed my test in 2018 after on and off lessons that spanned probably 3 years…
As soon as I passed my test, I lost all confidence in my ability and just didn’t want to drive. I’d bought a Mark 4 Polo and it barely ever moved, I think I did less than 400 miles in it over the year I had it.

In 2019 I went to the Isle of Wight on holiday and saw a couple of MX-5’s darting about on the roads, I thought they looked great fun, I pointed one of them out to my Dad which surprised him because it was the first time I’d ever shown a bit of interest in a car!

One was parked up at the place we were staying, it was an original silver Mk3 with a chrome luggage rack on the back, I remember thinking how good looking it was.
I managed to bump in to the owner and he showed me around the car and told me how great it was to drive.
When I came back, I had a look around online and was surprised by how affordable they are! I thought ‘sports cars’ were waay out of my league!
I did the whole watch every single video possible on YouTube thing and started narrowing down my search to True Red hard top MK3.5’s

I took my Polo for it’s MOT at the local garage and you’ll never guess what they had for sale…

Took it for a test drive and bought it the same day!

So glad I found the MX-5, I guenuinly don’t think I would be driving now if I hadn’t of found it :smiley:
I just love the utter fun of the car and how happy it makes me feel driving it!

I’m now on my second, a MK4 RF LE


A friend had an Audi TT Roadster which he let me use regularly for trips away etc and me & my beloved had discussed what sort of two seater would make the ideal buy. A fanciful list was narrowed down to a Boxster, S2000 and the MX5. I liked the NC Launch Edition but was told by my local Mazda dealer that none came to Northern Ireland. So I was surprised when one popped up at a dealers 25 miles away. We went and looked at it more for curiosity and to my surprise and delight, my wife bought the car there and then for my upcoming 50th birthday present. The car is still with us and still gives us both great pleasure. Heck, I’ve even stated that if it came down to selling either the 5 or my motorbike, the bike would be the first to go !!!


I popped into the Mazda dealer as I had a few hours to kill between booked test drives of a Boxter S and a Lotus Elise, having previously looked at a DB7 and an XKR.
The dealer said have you driven one? Only a Mark1 years ago I said. He threw me the keys to a two year old NC2 and asked me how long I wanted it for.
‘Are you coming?’ I asked, but he said no it would spoil my fun.
And that as they say was that, grinning like a Cheshire Cat within 30 seconds and still grinning 8 years later.
Bonus was I spent half what I was expecting on my fun car.
Like the previous post the Porsche was too well engineered and was boring at legal speeds.
The Elise was fab for a blast but a one trick pony, you could not drive it any other way.
I think that is the unique feature of the MX5. It has more ability than me when I want to play, but is equally happy having a relaxed cruise.


I think it was the shape of the MX-5 which made me fall in love with it.

When I was a young car mechanic back in the early 70s, I always wanted a roadster. Whether it might have been an MGB, or a Sprite / Midget, or even a Spitfire, was not important. In those days they always seemed to be called ‘sports cars’, although some were a little less than sporty in performance, and hence were very costly to insure for a chap in his late teens.

So years later, and having to settle for ‘normal’ saloon cars for most of my life, my wife was changing her company car back in 2011, and asked me what I wanted. I automatically said an MX-5, because I loved the shape (the NC was the then current model), and still loved the whole roadster concept. Not for one minute thinking she’d go for it. OK she said (!), I’ll arrange a road test at the local Mazda main dealer !

As this was in Bristol, where she worked, I didn’t actually get a chance to road test it with her, but that was no problem - she was (is) a good and competent driver, and I trusted her judgement completely, and anyway, it would be her company car, which she would have to drive fifty miles a day, from Frome to Bristol, for work, and therefore she had to feel comfortable and safe driving it, so I let her get on with it. She came back after work that evening with a big smile on her face, and I knew we were going to get a brand new one to play with.

She wanted an automatic, and we had to have a hard top one, because of where it was going to be kept all the time, so we chose a lovely dark blue 2.0L with a PRHT and a Powershift transmission. Absolutely fabulous it was, and for the four years we had it, it was like Christmas and my birthday all rolled into one every time we took it out. Big grins all round - perfect motor. And we both loved the topless-driving experience.

When the NC came to the end of its lease-hire term, we thought about another one, but by then the ND had come out, and neither of us liked the shape of the new model, so she went with another choice of mine for her next company car - a VW Scirocco - another fabulous car, and so bloody quick.

But we both missed the NC with its topless driving facility, so we then bought a used NC 2.0L Sport, as a second car, and never regretted it for a minute.


Circumstances in our lives brought us to owning an MX-5. We had a touring caravan for many years and with that you needed a large car to tow with. Then my wife had a knee injury which ultimately kept her from working for nearly two years. What made matters worse the new job she was in at the time she’d only served around 12 months and she loved that job. That had to be given up after 12 months of them keeping it open for her.
Giving up on finding a job to suit when able she took the decision to retire and build the strength back in her knee.
Back to the caravanning and the first chance we had to use it again after many months of it being laid up we took only to be met with more problems with my wife’s knee. She couldn’t get in or out of it very well, so we sold it.
On to a smaller car and, well what next?
Enter the MX-5, I’d actually been looking at MG’s, something with a fold down hood. It wasn’t long before I’d decided not something I’d pursue, the MGF seemed to have it’s problems.
My first drive in an Mk1 told me this was the car I needed, I had driven and looked at a few before I decided on the very one I actually bought. Never looked back now we have the Mk3, had it 8 years this year.

Wife’s knee is better and now we are both retired we still get asked 11 years on, are you getting another caravan. The answer is always no way, we don’t see what the attraction is when we have can just book a B&B pack a bag and jump in the MX-5 and off, well hopefully we can get back to that fairly soon.:heart:


I had always wanted an MGB as a young man but like many couldn’t afford one and then went down the GTI road when money improved. Finally with the mortgage paid and not wanting to be saddled with the problems of an old MG, my thoughts turned to a second car it had to be an mx-5 and this beauty fitted the bill. I’ve still got a fast hatch (Audi S3) and the other half has his Mercedes-Benz SLC250d which is also a great car but it’s the 5 that brings a huge smile to my face when driving.


Me too, but then I saw my first Mk.1 which was love at first sight and promised not to be a rusty money pit*. I’d just got my license and needed something cheaper to park on London streets without worrying about it, so it wasn’t my first car, but as soon as we moved to a place with a garage I bought a 3 year old Mk.1.

*Okay not at the time. I didn’t appreciate I’d keep that first one for 20 years.


A friend introduced me to his mk1 mx5 many years ago and after driving it I realised I was missing my karting days as a youth.
I sold a merc SL convertible and bought one…

That one day has cost me thousands lol…

Would I go back…NO WAY!!! I love the cars and the community


Loving my ND2 so much and the community here is just great…

I have had my NC for about 6 weeks and all I can say is it is truly amazing. Driving it is such a visceral experience and my drive home from work gets longer every day. The roof only stays up if it is raining and every trip is pure joy.


My Dad bought a NB MX5, when he brought it up to show me He let me have a drive :smiley:. I thought it was fantastic, it was everything that I felt driving a 2 seater convertible sports car would be like. I have got to get one of these I thought.
With a very limited budget I bought an 11 year old 154,000 mile MX5 Arctic. We loved that car and it started us on our long journey driving off into the sunset… with the roof down😎.
Long may the journey continue…


My ND’s are the first MX5’s I’ve ever owned and the best cars for sheer fun and driver satisfaction I’ve ever driven. :smiley: :+1: But fall in love with a car? :astonished: Give over! :crazy_face:

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I remember the rave reviews when the MX5 was launched in 89/90 ish but I was not impressed with the pop up lights, reminded me too much of the Lotus Elan, which like the Lotus Europa I much preferred, was too small for my 6 foot frame.

At the time of the MX5 launch I was selling Volvo’s for a main dealer and ran a very second hand E28 M5, an even more second hand big bumper '76 244DL, a sleeper with salvaged early GLT engine and transmission. I also traded 2CV’s on the side which I absolutely loved because they never failed to put a smile on my face. In 1992 I left the motor trade and pretty much lost all interest in cars having reduced my fleet to a boxy Type 3 van with a double mattress in the back.

Fast forward 25 years and I organised a treasure hunt with a new girl friend for a motor club and when we turned up at the start there were 3 MX5’s waiting 2 mk2’s and a Mk1, girl friend said she had bought a new arctic blue one in 2002 but sold it when she found it would not get her and her daughter to school in the snow.

That night we discussed getting an MX5 for a laugh and looked at loads of yellow ones on the intelnet and came to the sensible conclusion that maybe we did not need one after all.

Next morning it was tipping with rain, as we were doing some decorating I mentioned in jest that it would be a great day to buy a sports car, to which girl friend replied can we have a red one. Back on the net we found an '04 Euphonic in Swindon, which was a great drive though the wheels were a tad flakey and we could not operate the original radio. So we passed. On the way home we found a red '02 SVT it also felt like a solid drive, we could work the radio and so Madge entered our lives.

Once we got her home we took the roof off and went for a blast and that 2CV smile was back on my face and has stayed there for the last 20,000 miles.


The MX5 has always been one of those cars I wanted and in 2006 managed to convince my wife we needed one, she didn’t drive so never really likes cars. We got a very nice NA and this we used on several trips but never an overnighter. Then 2008 and I had to have an S2 Elise, this was the most fabulous car for a blast out on a Sunday morning and even took it away for a few overnighters. Kept this car for around 12 months then went to get new car mats for it. Ended up coming home in a Boxster S. Super car on the motorway but not what I wanted on a blast out Sunday morning. Sold after 3 months. A couple of years later bought an NB, again days/nights away. New promotion meant much travelling and a car sitting in a garage was a waste so sold it on. Back in 2020 I decided I needed another MX and truly wanted the RF Launch, one problem was I hadn’t owned an NC to complete the series. So I bought the NC 1.8SE in June, we used it for days out and loved it. Sold in November to get the RF Launch. One thing I can say is everyone I sold the cars to were the nicest people ever and at test drive they were sold on the MX5 bug as soon as they started driving. Will I buy an NE when they come out? Probably yes, will I sell my RF? I don’t know as that seems to me to be pretty perfect and gives smiles like a Lotus. Thanks


Some nice stories here, I find it interesting people prefer the mx5 to what’s considered a “better” car. I’ve always wanted a Porsche since I was a kid, a 911 mmm mmm mm, now I feel like I’ve got the next best thing if not better!

I love the community that comes with it, waves off other drivers makes my day every time you don’t even have to be in the car just near it! One guy even crossed a petrol station forecourt to tell me he regrets selling his. Also, I’ve gotten used to living in the lakes where people say hello in passing and when I go back to visit family in Manchester I miss it, however last time I went back one person did wave and of course it’s another mx5 driver


I had a drive of a friends Mk1 and loved it, cam back to say to my wife who said “we haven’t got space for another car, we cant afford it and we would never drive it (we had 2 teenagers at the time)”. She was right.
One August years later when the teenagers had left home, I had a company car, a new Mercedes on order for delivery in November and my old Jaguar X Type was struggling through its MOT. Whilst I waited I wandered arund a large car dealer’s who had 6 MX5s. I had a brainwave. Trade in my Jag for an MX5, run it in late summer until my Merc arrives then trade in the MX5. No extra cars in our drive, little cost.
I bought a True Red NC hard top ( the colout got me!) and a week later driving in the Dales with the top down my wife said “This is lovely, you aren’t going to sell this are you”.
8 years later I still have an MX5


Once the MX-5 bug bites…, you are hooked! :smile: