What should come with the used ND that I'm buying?

Hi folks,

I am swapping my beloved NC to an ND this week. Can any ND owners let me know what it should come with that may be missing so that I can make sure the dealer provides it? I am thinking of removable items like cup holders, user manual, jack, tools, compressor, tyre sealant etc. etc.

What loose items are standard from new that may have gone AWOL over the years?

I am only guessing at the above so if anyone can confirm that I should or shouldn’t get them with the car I would appreciate it.

Thanks, Ian

2 Cup Holders
User Manual (No service book)
Towing Eyes
Compressor & Tyre Sealant Kit, Locking Wheel Nut
Sat Nav SD Card (inserted in the dash by the USB ports under the rubber tab)
2 Floor Mats (if not included I always insist on a pair as part of the sale agreement)
If an RF model you should also have a kit for sorting the top out in the event of failure I believe

They don’t come with a jack, although there is a storage bracket for one in the right hand side of the boot behind the removalable liner door

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And 2 key fobs

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Great, thanks both. I forgot to say it’s a 2020 2L Sport Tech. Should they all come with the SatNav SD cards or is it just certain models (I’m not sure if mine should have it). There was definitely a map on the display but the dealer said it was linked to his phone (Apple Carplay). Mind you I don’t think his phone was plugged in with a USB cable though so maybe I misunderstood how it was working.

You do not have to plug your phone in to a usb for apple car play he might have done the wireless up grade so you do not need a cable it auto sets to the phone l have it with my 2019 RF it stays connected within 2 meters of the car love it ……

My 2021 has wireless carplay as standard and also has the mazda Nav SD card. Check its there by opening the slot by the usb or pressing home and then nav on the control joystick to cancel carplay and use built in nav.

You should have two key fobs and these:

Tool roll and contents

Cloth pouch with ‘hand books’

Cloth pouch with pump/goo & instructions Locking wheel tool shown as well.

Left & right cup holders.

The Nav SD card is behind the black plastic cover.



The tyre sealant expires over time so it’s worth a quick check to make sure it’s in date - you might as well have the dealer pay for a fresh one if it’s too old.

The car should also come with a massive grin that activates the first time you go swiftly round a corner. If not, then the vehicle is defective :wink:


Slightly off subject, but as tyre sealant has been mentioned, Mazda replacement tyre sealant is mega expensive (£50+). However, you can use a Ford one which though slightly bigger still fits in the pouch and is less than half the price. It is also easier to use as the gunk is pumped in by the tyre inflator rather than having to manually squeeze it in through the tyre valve which can be tricky and very messy.

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I have used similar to this lesasas Tyre Repair Kit - Car Puncture Repair Kit - The Ideal Puncture Repair Solution for Car Motorcycle Truck Vans - 20 Strings and Storage Case : Amazon.co.uk: Automotive Worked very well and no ‘goo’ to clean up plus you don’t have to worry about the date running out.


And also add to Mad_Malc’s kit some of these little tubes of vulcanising solution to guarantee those plugs are airtight and can’t work loose.


I apologise for not participating further in this thread after raising it but I have just discovered all the notifications that replies were coming in had gone into my junk!

Thanks all for your replies, especially Mad_Malc for the very useful set of pictures. I took delivery of my pride and joy at work yesterday and checked that everything seemed to be present although I have not had the chance to open the tool roll or check that all the various manual pamphlets are there.

As it was my other-half’s birthday yesterday and we were out in the evening, I just got 20 minutes driving home in it and no chance to play with the infotainment system. I enjoyed the drive in today though - pushing it a little quicker when I could. It was dark when I set off and the auto lights were doing all sorts of clever things! Im not sure how I got them to start working though and need to find out how to force the full beam to stay on when I want it to but these are all fun things to discover with a new car. I love this stage!

Thanks all, and I am sure I will be quite active in the forums for some time.

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This untitled (mazda.media) should give you the full online owners manual.

PS forgot to say that some of the screens and options need the ignition/engine running to be able to access them.

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Probs worth mentioning that although you’d rightly expect all these items with a new car, they may not all be there in a used car,

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Couple of extra things, advise to get a jack and fit it in empty compartment RHS of boot. Similar to:
Scissor Jack

Also maybe check map updates on Sd card, you may still be in warranty. You have to put card in a SD reader on PC, then refresh via a Mazda app.

Enjoy !

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