what time does it start!

I might be being stupid but I can’t find basic info in here about the rally. 

What time does it start?

What is on on the sunday?

What is the cost of it?

What time is it on until?





Gates open 1000hrs - finish 1500hrs have to leave venue by 1700hrs.

£5 entry if you are not MX5OC member - free if you are!  Bring yr membership card!

Various car competitions, hood maintenance, technical Q & A, raffles etc and trade stands to name but a few.  Runs were today!

Hope this answers yr question!  Look forward to seeing you there!

If info is incorrect sorry, everyone else at dinner and dance!!  Think it is ok…have read my programme of events!



yeah, would have loved to come along but as op says not enough info by far, times etc, but hey ho i do these runs all the time! would have liked to have met a few owners though.


hope you all enjoyed my home country.

Well I went along and I gotto say it’s one of the best nationals I gave been too. Much bigger than expected and loads of great cars and friendly people.


Thank you to everyone



Glad you enjoyed it, Simon
I had a cracking time, too
Great job by Cornwall and co. Ty (again)


Don’t know about not knowing times but i knew and i am the most useless person about spotting details lol so… must’ve been written somewhere
If in doubt - ask Cool