What traders will be attending? Dent specialist!

What traders will be attending, or to be more specific will there be a ‘dent specialist’.

Some very kind soul yesterday decided to door ding my car, 1st dent in 8 years and i want it gone.

If we have a dent specialist would i need to prebook his talents or…

Cheers for any useful replys.


Dent Wizard (Chester) are booked to attend.


Hopefully that is the right link Dave, I use and highly reccomend Andy from the Shropshire branch.


What a bu@@er Dave, you must be gutted, your car is a well cared for, real beauty. Hope they can sort it for you.

His name is Mike Mullin Dave and his number is
+44 7412 555295
I used him last year and was happy with his work.

THANKYOU for your replies.

I’ve been in touch with a mobile dentman and hopefully he will come and have a look and possibly fix it today, failing that i will ring the bloke Ian and Paul have pointed to, and as today is the only day i have off work i’ll try and arrange something with him at the spring meet.

Once again thanks.


Thanks for the heads up on Dent Devil being there, just called Mike about my dents and he thinks he may be able to sort them over the weekend, sounded a really nice chap.


An update on my predicament.

Brian from DENTMASTER UK  based in Rochdale, covering the North West, sorted my car today and i’m happy again!

Thanks for all who tried to help it’s appreciated.


Hmm, how about a paint touch-up specialist? Any possibilities there?
I have both spray and brush paints in the right colour, but yesterday overnight at the Rookery Manor hotel car-park near Weston Super Mare some unkind soul dragged a case across my near-side rear wheel arch and lifted some of the paint to show primer, a long enough scrape that I know I lack the talent to hide the marks. Thankfully it is not dented.

Talking of dent removal, for anyone in the north east, I recommend Ray at Dent-Tech (NE) LTD. 16 yrs experience and the go to bloke for quality work, I’ve had to put his skills to the test on a few occasions and have been really happy with his work and at a very good price. You can contact him on 07903644430.