What wheels have I got?

Just out of interest can anyone identify my wheels, on a 2008 PRHT, I don’t think they are standard as haven’t seen them on other cars? Probably find they are off a Demio or something :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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If I’m not mistaken they look like wheels off a Mazda but not an MX5, they are off a Mazda 6. Circa 2009

Take one off and you will see part numbers. Put that into google and that should identify what you have.
If Mazda ones, ring a parts department and they will be able to identify for you too. :+1:

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They are off a Mazda 6

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Do those Mazda 6 wheels fit straight on to a Mk3 as they are , or do they need shims or whatever? the reason I ask is that in the new year I hope to change my alloys and tyres for something a bit better than the battered old 17" alloys that came with the car, I can’t afford new , but the more choices I have the better, I assume I could fit 16" if needs be ?

These were on the car when I got it! They have nothing extra inside straight on the hubs.