What's missing on my boot lock?

  1. My model of MX-5 is: MK2.5 Sport
  2. I’m based near: Northern Ireland
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: how to repair my boot lock

My car was stored up in a local garage for a few years while I restored the rear end.

It unfortunately took a few knocks and bumps when stored which I’ve now remedied. This is the last problem: my boot lock has been pushed in from its normal position.

Am I missing a part? I’d have thought there would at least be a seal to stop water ingress.

Here’s what it looks like…

Nope that’s how they are, my NC’s rear bumper to lock finish is exactly the same. No seal or grommet fitted or infact required.

Well, the boot lock is there but alignment is dreadful; poor for function and aesthetics.
I should know but to be honest don’t, this is MK2.5 as described, not MK3 isn’t it?
If so could definitely be fitted better and there should be a foam washer to align and seal.

Yes… It’s a MK2.5. The keys were left in the boot while the car was stored and it looks like someone has pushed this out of alignment.

It’s letting water in during heavy rain.

I’ll strip the boot and look from inside… See if the seal/washer is still there

Yes, Johnny, I strongly suggest you do.
The washer it foamy so likely to stick to lock or more likely what the lock is attached to. I have handled 100s of these locksets and can count the number of bootlock gaskets received on one hand!

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As MickAP said, they’re almost all like that. I’ve used something like this on a previous mk1 to blank it off completely, easily reversed if you do need to use a key for access.

You might be getting water in through that hole but it drains down the outside of the car, behind the bumper, unless there is a problem elsewhere?


My Boot Lock on my 2.5 NB has also done this
WD40 didn’t work and neither does the key so please let us know if you managed to resolve