Wheel Refurb at The Wheel Specialist

Leading on from my previous posts on the old forum I promised to post some photos of my refurbished wheels - here they are


Nice finish on the wheels, and a nice touch with the chrome valves.[H]

Must agree with Joanne though, a nice coat of paint on the calipers will finish it off…[Y]

Something else on the “To Do” list then[:(]

Hi Lancs_lad,


Wheels look amazing! Do you have any before shots? How much did they charge?



Whas the refurb done locally to you?

Sorry I don’t have any before shots.  The wheels weren’t really bad as they were just flaking around the balance weight areas and the spokes (but enough to make me cringe every time I looked at them), with no kerbing. It cost me £218 which had been discounted from around £300 which included them being waxed.  The guy at Leeds was really helpful and I took a new set of tyres up with me as well which he fitted and disposed of my old carcasses.  They have currently got a Christmas promo on (I think) but MX5OC used to get a discount as well which you could always try.

The refurb was done by The Wheel Specialist at Leeds.  They have a number of offices (could be franchises) around the country. http://www.thewheelspecialist.co.uk/


Thanks for the info. I had better get saving!

Nice finish, I had some wheels refurbed by a company called Lap Tab in Birmingham

This was smoked chrome…loverly.

Were your weheels the rougher ‘sand cast’ looking version ?

 As they now look smooth but I understand Mazda produced 2 different finishes.

 Is the centre smooth too ?

My original wheels were a smooth finish.  The centre caps have been resprayed but aren’t brilliant - I may replace them in due course. 

 I just bought a 2000 1.8s and the wheels are really hard to keep clean. They could be “sand cast”. I tried wheel cleaner but they still look grubby and the dirt seems ground in. I like the matt look but not the cleaning. Can they be coated to make them easier to clean?

The wheels on my Sport were the rough cast finish type before I had them refurbished.

When I had them done, the finish was “Sparkle silver” with high gloss lacquer, which makes them very easy to clean.

I’ve just had a set of 16" wheels refurbished, and they’ve also been painted in “Sparkle silver” with high gloss lacquer…[H]

 look great, how much and where? Farham?

Thanks Ian.


Thanks Ian

It’s difficult to say how much, as the price is determined on the condition of the wheels before the process.

I had my sets of wheels refurbed at Pristine wheels in Milton Keynes…I can recommend them…[;)]


The only way to have them refurbed is to remove the wheels, remove the tyres and have them completely painted inside and out.

I realise that this not so easy if your car is a daily driver…[:^)] 

I was told that there is a company in Bognor Regis that somebody in the owners club used, if I can find out the details, I’ll let you know.



 http://www.thewheelspecialist.co.uk/ these guys have a site in Fareham and offer a drive in service so I will ask them.

The ChipsAway franchise will carry out wheel refurbs on site and the results are good. I have a number of examples on the Alloy Wheel section on my site- http://www.morethanjustchips.com/ - that show before and after shots. I try not to get involved in colour changes, but Customers come back when they kerb them again, which I take as a good sign.

This was a 20" job on a Range Rover Sport- http://www.morethanjustchips.com/wp-content/gallery/20inchalloys/rr20-05.jpg these were done on his drive at home,but they are often done at the office so you get to work as usual and the job is done before you leave to go home.

Only cover the Leicester area myself, but there may well be a local guy as there are over 300 round the country who have had the same training.


Just had two wheels refurbished by The Wheel Specialists near Leeds. Tyres removed, damage repaired, completely powder coated, they even refurbished the centre plug without being asked. Tyres back on, balanced and weights fitted to the inner rims. Absolutely fantastic job and great people to deal with! I wasn’t interested in a mobile operator patch and paint job where they sometimes don’t even remove the tyres.

The Wheel Specialists are a franchise operation & have operators across the country. MX5 OC members get 15% discount off full powder coated wheels.