Wheel Refurb

I had my MK1 (15") wheels professionally stripped and refurbished 4 years ago and since then the car has covered less than 5K miles but is stored outside. The finish on the centre of both rear wheels is starting to “Bubble” and would come off if scratched. 

Bearing in mind it cost me £300 to get all 4 wheels done (Black/Chrome) how long should I expect the finish to last assuming, as in my case, no curbing?




Both rear wheels only? Picking up road grit blast etc from the fronts? May lead to moisture & contaminations creeping under the finish. Just a guess.

Being candid while remaining polite I’m not sure what g’tee of longevity from a £70.00 per corner “refurb” you were expecting given the vehicle is left exposed to the elements. 

You can pay a lot more, and a lot less.

Historicaly, OEM Einki sourced Mx5 alloys were a scourge with warranty claims regarding porousity, pitting, & peeling.

Recently, Mx5parts have had a hell of an expensive time returning new stock to Einki especially with 14" alloys which were discouring and peeling.

I found this out 2 days ago while enquiring on the telephone.   

 Have a word with the refurb palce and see if they will cut a deal to re-do the rears. 

 I’m not convinced they will be moved to accept “responsibilty” after 4 years!

I’m of the mind you have to suck these things up. 

Sorry about your issue though. I’d not be too amused either given 5k on, but equally, I’m a born pragmatist.

Hi Rodney

In your position I would be disappointed.

The finish on new wheels seems to last 10 - 15 years, so I would expect a professionally refurbished wheel to last considerably longer than 4 year before any issue. If the finish is bubbling it would seem the finish key was not very good.

Would imagine that any guarantee has long since expired but certainly no harm in going back to the company and asking them to rectify the premature failure.

Some finishes do not last - vehicle wraps for example last say 3 - 5 years typically. I would certainly think a refurbished wheel that has not been abused should retain most of its finish for 8 - 10 years.   


I’m not happy with the state of the (new) rear Rotas I fitted to our refurbed 2002 Sport 3 years back.

  Rota GT3 15" 7" 4x100mm ET40 Black Polished Lip Single Rim

On the rears, the paint is pitted and dulled despite low urban miles since and copious Poorboys alloy waxing on a vehicle cared for and garaged.

Rims are fine oddly.

I think I’ll be having a word with the supplier despite my pragmatic attitude.

There’s a limit!  

Good luck to the OP anyway.

Hi Scottishfiver

Sorry to hear about the wheel finish issues - totally unacceptable for new wheels particularly where they have again been cared for.

Is there a problem with black finishes? I really only have experience of silver painted and lacquered alloys. Black absorbs more heat, sunlight, etc but I would expect a powdercoat, black chrome or even paint and lacquer finish to last for at least ten years.

Our Eunos alloys are left to fend for themselves - car is in daily use down here in South Devon with salt on roads, etc. These wheels still clean up perfectly - we have owned the car for over nine years and these were quite possibly the original alloys fitted to the 1991 car. No sign of lacquer lift which is usually the first sign of finish degradation. My garaged 1997 MK1 has the simple 5 spoke smooth alloys and as expected no sign of a problem.

Hopefully you guys have just been unlucky with the black finish wheels - lets hope so.    

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Hi there.

Not that I’m aware of. Yet.

It is odd, the fronts are as new. 

They are gloss black, really nice.

Transformed the look of the car and were the finishing touch to new wings, chassis rails, and repaint as you may recall. 

I’ll see what the supplier says, and Ill send them photos.

More I think abou it, the more I feel Rodney has a decent reason to ask for a 2nd refurb.

Hi all been very interested in this topic as I am going to get my mk3 OEM 5 spoke wheels refurbed and colour change later this month , got a choice of 3 to 4 places in my area in north east prices all similar not much in it just personal choice who I use I have reviewed companies but will be looking for guarantee , all will have my 5 all day price includes removal and re fit of tyres with new values , wheel balance and even centre caps done also , my car is an 06 Nc they are not that bad hardly any spotting or peeling but I am wanting mine in anthracite grey so hoping once done they will be good for at least 8 to 10 years my beloved 5 is garaged so will help to keep wheels in good nick I do think that drying alloys as much as possible helps stop water and salt doing damage , enjoyed following thread Regards Richy aka Top gun 

Really! Have you looked round Tesco’s car park? I don’t see many 10 year old and certainly 15 year old wheels without issues.