Wheel replacement - Steering wheel and Airbag Torque

Taking delivery of my retrimmed wheel from Royal Steering Wheels tomorrow. 


I have the old wheel off and stripped down ready - just pre empting putting it back. 


Is there a specific torque listed anywhere for both the steering wheel lock nut (the 21mm nut to the shaft) and the 2 10mm’s holding in the airbag? 

Anyone else replace their steering wheel lock nut when doing this or put the old one back on?



Phone the chap at Royal Steering Wheels and ask him for his torque settings.


Unfortunately, he’s gone on holiday for a week. 

Dam… He does answer his emails, so worth a try. Like many on here I had him fit mine, so would be guessing, sorry


Hi Rich,

My Haynes manual states 45Nm or 33 lbs ft. When refitting my steering wheel I couldn’t achieve the 45Nm without breaking my wrist so I just tightened as much as I could. The airbag bolts just be sensible and not over tighten, can’t find the actual torque in manual.

Hope this is of some help.

Regards TT

Thank you. I’d read a few othe posts from a miata forum and that was similar

ok to reuse the lock nut?

Haynes advise not to Re-use nut  however