Wheel Sealant

Don’t know what wheel sealant any of you guys use, but my search for a Planet Polish Wheel Seal and Shine replacement continues. That stuff is/was the real deal. But it seems the company has gone like tumbleweed through a ghost town.The last time I sealed the ND’s rims with that was about October of last year, and they’re STILL beading and sheeting like crazy, including the inner barrel, when washed pretty much weekly with a mild ph neutral wheel soap (like AutoFinesses’ Revolution), and not using stupid ‘wheel cleaners’.
I’ve still got a fair bit of that left, but nothing lasts forever. So on the other cars in the household I’ve tried a few more since Christmas.

  1. Pure Definition Wheel Shield Sealant: A liquid/cream type which I prefer. Easy enough on and off. Two coats. I find with this the beading and sheeting lasts a while on the outside of the rims, but the ‘protection’ on the inner barrel goes pretty quickly. I presume this is where the higher temperatures are. Hence won’t buy again.
  2. AutoFinesse Mint Rims. Much better than 1), but you’ve got to be careful not to put too much on. Spread VERY thinly. Longevity after the same two coats is much better than 1) and after 3 months it still sheets and beads like a nutter on the front of the alloys, with the inner barrel having some protection left, but you can tell it’s fading. So I applied a new coat. The issue with this wax is not the quality, it’s that it’s a bit hard work applying and removing, at least in comparison to a liquid based wheel sealant.
  3. I’ve recently ordered the new Bouncer’s Sicure wheel sealant. Decent brand and liquid based. Fingers crossed with this one when I use it.

Of course, when using a new wheel sealant product I decontaminate the wheels (clean, Bilt Hamber fallout remover, clean again, then Bilt Hamber cleanser fluid, then the new sealant). So you can imagine this isn’t exactly the most exciting thing to ‘look forward’ to.


you dont fancy trying the likes of Gtechiq C5 or Gyeon Rim?

My go to’s are C5 and Gyeon Rim. Gyeon rim being marginally better I found but costs a bit more. Will be using C5 on my incoming set of wheels

No, for some reason I’ve never fancied it. I’d read it’s funny with the curing too, and needs the wheels removed and preferably stuck in a garage to ensure it don’t get exposed to moisture when curing? It seemed very fussy when reading about it.
I don’t remove the wheels when doing decontamination nor have I got garage.
I was well happy with the Planet Polish one. Like i mentioned 8-9 months now and it’s still going superbly. That cost about a tenner, too.

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you can do it with the wheels on, but i have always taken them off to do the barrels. But, yeah - really should be inside to cure, although some have managed successfully without if you time the weather.

However, that is a good durations with the Planet Polish. A poorly applied Ceramic would not last that long.

I hate working on wheels as they are fiddly for getting applicators in and buffing after, so when I can be bothered I use aerosols that don’t need wiping off like Wonder Wheels Wheel Sealant although the longevity is under 2 months, and a £6 can lasts 3 sets of applications. So not really economical. I appreciate this isn’t really what OP is after but thought it might help others.

FK452 had a good reputation on wheels but that was 10 years ago, I think the game has moved on; perhaps just easy on-off bodywork sealant like Gyeon Wet Coat could be worth looking at?