Wheel swap

I have a Mk 2.5 big brake S-VT Sport, which currently runs on 15" rims

For hillclimb use it would be better with 14" wheels fitted. Will 14" wheels fit over the big brake calipers?



Website/internet playing up so may be a second reply or no reply at all:-)

Fitting big brakes with 15" wheels is marginal so I would say impossible with 14".  


Today I have put the 15" rims away for the winter and fitted the 16" originals back on. The gap between the caliper and the rim is quite large with the 15" rim, and not much bigger with the 16" rim. Therefore I feel that the narrowing of that gap would be marginal with a 14" rim and would be grateful if either someone could try it, or advise that they tried it and it worked/did not work.
Or if someone with 14" wheels in Salisbury would lend me one, so I can see for myself! I don’t really want to buy one wheel if it is a waste of time.
Thanks anyway