Wheel/tyre weights

  1. My model of MX-5 is: 30AE ND RF.

In case anyone is interested or finds it useful I weighed the wheel/tyre combination as I swapped out the original Rays engineering my car came with for the OZ’s as supplied by BBR.

7x17 Rays with 205/45 Bridgestone S001’s with 6k miles = 15.6kg

7x17 OZ Ultralegera with 215/45 Goodyear F1 asymmetric 5 (new) = 16.6kg.

I’ve also got a slight clearance issue with the front of the tyre just rubbing inside the front of the arch liner in some circumstances when cornering which needs addressing, however I am running Tein flex Z quite low and soft which doesn’t help. Thankfully as the car is no longer used daily I can leave it until the weather warms up a bit!


Why did you change?
Was it for the aesthetics?
I’d have hoped the OZs might’ve been lighter than the Rays, but we can’t do a like for like comparison with 10mm wider tyres.

I don’t think the extra kilo is in 10mm of extra tyre width and a tiny bit more sidewall, so have concluded that the OZ’s are slightly heavier than the Rays.
The main reasons for changing them was tyres,( the S001’s are pretty dire imho,) and the risk of damaging the (unobtainable/seriously expensive) Rays on the roads around south of England, which are in an appalling state, with potholes appearing almost overnight, which are difficult to see in time in the dark, and sometimes they’re just unavoidable due to other traffic.
I’m not actually very keen on the appearance of the OZ’s, but as I have Brembos I was very limited in the wheels that I could guarantee would fit. There’s more choice in the US, where Brembos are more common, but it’s very difficult to cross reference the wheels there and here, so I took the easy option. Mine are matt black, which I also don’t like, so I’ll get them clear coated with a gloss finish at some point.
The original Rays, with the Bridgestone’s, are dry stored for when (if?) I sell the car on.

Which model of ND do you have please?
Then I’ll know that if wheels fit your model, with 17" and Brembos, they should fit my Abarth 124 Spider.

30AE. No spacers, and I’m running very low, with fairly soft damping, and with maximum caster, and the tyres just rub the front of the wheel arch liner very slightly with about a third of a turn of steering. 5 minutes with a heat gun to relieve the plastic liner a little will sort it. No issues on the inner wheel well, or at the top, albeit I’ve not really had the opportunity to get out in the dry on ‘favourite roads’ yet.
Masses of clearance on the callipers, I’ve not measured it but it’s over 5mm.I’ll try and post some relevant pics tomorrow.

Many thanks.
That’s very helpful.

There you go. Loads of clearance. Hopefully they’ll come out the correct way up this time!

Thank you.