Wheelchair/disabled access

Bit late I know - What’s the situation regarding access to house/grounds for wheelchair users? We can’t fit a self-propelled wheelchair in the MX-5 so I’ll be providing the motive power for Mrs Roymondo’s wheelchair, which only has small wheels. 

May be too late to help, but there’s a FAQ for the rally which gives brief information. I live near Ragley and from what I remember the house would be difficult. The main Ragley website doesn’t even mention accessibility, which I find extraordinary.


Yes, please clearly display your Blue Badge before arriving on site.  
Marshals will direct you to the disabled parking area.

The site will provide some challenges to those with limited mobility - it is a mixture of level and inclined Grass as well as Tarmac path and level gravel surface, please seek assistance if required.


Bit late now but I googled the question and found this



Ignore my above post, it’s a different place altogether!

This may help :- https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowUserReviews-g209960-d213850-r221853556-Ragley_Hall_Park_and_Gardens-Alcester_Warwickshire_England.html

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Thanks both for your replies. Sadly I didn’t get a chance to read them before we went! The parking bit went smoothly (disabled parking as directed by marshals gave hard-standing access to the site, so all good). Unfortunately the Rally site wasn’t quite so accessible (grass/gradient/gravel), and we didn’t even attempt the house itself, although we did manage to get around the back to see the gardens. Not a bad day out and picked up some useful/interesting snippets here and there.

Interesting conversation with another disabled member about wheelchairs, scooters and MX-5s, but still no real solution to what ought to be a fairly simple problem - a portable/foldable mobility scooter that fits in the boot of an MX-5. Of course, such a beast (if it existed) would doubtless have tiny wheels and next to no ground clearance…

The live music was pretty damn good though!