wheels and suspension

This happened today.  my mint nardi see cornish car I am 2nd owner it’s been written off It is easy fixable needs wishbones and wing and a wheel.  any help appreciated.

Not sure what you are syaing to be honest, but if you need parts try Autolink.

Sorry was late , on the side of the road feeling rather emotional as my car was taken away by the recovery team. It was/ is a Nardi SE 1999 in mint condition…the insurance co have written it off as repairs are set at 2500 and they only think it is worth 800 ! I am going to buy it back…the damage is new wishbones and steering arm, a new wheel and wing…bumper is scratched but might keep that for now. I can find the suspension parts but for the life of me I can not find a wheel like the ones fitted.

Was asking members for best places to track down parts

Best K

how goes your motor? Only recently got a 5 myself. Live in Bodmin. just read this thread and wondered how its going? Sounds an amazing lil motor hoping you saved it.

Oops pressed wrong button… Well I managed to get a reasonable payout after refusing the first offer…and second one. I gave the car to My son who bought a second user wishbone wing and bumper for £140. We managed to straighten the wheel with heat and hammers. Balanced up no weights! So it’s now ooop north with a new owner who got a bargain. I am now on the lookout for another low mileage mk2.5 best shape I think. Thanks for your interest BTW. I used mine daily driver and for European jaunts. K

lucky lad to get a project car, 

I hope you find a nice one to replace it and not to long looking for it

I wish you guys down in Cornwall did a few mid week meets as I work weekends

shame I can never get to them same with the guys near exeter