When should I expect to recieve my tickets?

I posted off my application some time ago but no tickets so far.  Are all the tickets being sent out at once or should I be chasing up the Post Office?



Hi Nic,

All tickets will be sent in about a fortnight to 3 weeks time, first batch should be with people in early April, second batch a week or so after April 4th closing date.

thats the plan

Thank you


Is that still the plan?
I ordered on Jan 25th and the postie’s not delivered yet.
I’m getting worried, hopefully I don’t need to be.


I haven’t received mine either - hopefully due any day now?

I think Iain is starting to send them out this week and next.

First Batch of tickets leaving tomorrow - Orders up to end of February and all postal orders.

Test hill orders will follow on Monday with the next batch Feb-March


Due to the numbers 1600+ more tickets are being awaited from Brooklands next batch next week.





Tell me about it, I have seen nothing but envelopes for most of the week.

looks like it is going to be a stonking day though!



Let’s just hope the weather is good!

What a weekend - sunshine, clean car and BROOKLANDS TICKETS ARRIVED this morning.  Does it get any better ? !!! 

My tickets have just arrived, can’t wait it should be a great weekend .

Ticket arrived April 12.

Thank You

Second Batch due from Brooklands tomorrow and will be turned around as quickly as possible hopeful all tickets will be delivered by Thursday.

We have our tickets, everything perfect, thanks Ian




Great to hear thank you!



still waiting on my tickets to arrive ordered and paid for on the 3rd feb

Like wise here, my surname begins with W so I most be one of the last ones to received them lol.

All tickets now packed and posting the final massive batch today.

There are a handful left over from double orders and some lapsed memberships - If you need a spare or have not managed to get some then you can find them at the Club store http://store.mx5oc.co.uk/tickets--events-29-c.asp

Please remember there may be no post on Friday and Monday…