Where can you get a complete plastic front grille for a NC 3.75?

Need your help, hit a pheasant this afternoon and it went through the black plastic grille immediately under the number plate.

I cannot find a replacement on the Internet at all. The zunsport one just fits over the factory plastic one behind and is fixed to it - so is not an option.

I may need to go to the dealership but not looking forward to re-mortgaging my house to pay for it!

Can anyone help? I would be very grateful for any pointers


There has been a club member on here who is a MX5 salvage dealer.

If you follow the Ebay link it will take you to his details.
You never know :+1:

Dealer maynotbe as bad as you think. At least you didn’t trigger the exploding bonnet

Mx5 parts do a selection of Mk3 grilles.

IL motorsports list it on their site but showing out of stock. Local main dealer may have to order from EU or Japan but will save postage costs. Grille is different to Mk3.5

Many thanks everyone, mx5 parts don’t currently list anything for the 3.75, so will contact dealership in the morning and see what they say

Have ordered a new grille from Mazda Leamington - £40 + VAT! I was expecting £150 plus so bargain

However, thay have said it will cost £140 + VAT to fit which involves removing the front bumper - so may attempt to do this myself

Can anyone offer any advice regarding removing the front bumper? Youtube have a couple of videos which are useful but first hand experience would be great



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That’s good news.Can you post the part number as it will be handy for others to reference in future.
Bumper removal is not a difficult job just a lot of clips and fasteners to remove. The two 10mm head bolts each side under the front of the wheelarch liner are probably the most awkward bit but can be accessed without removing the whole liner by feel. A short 10mm ring spanner and/ or 1/4" drive socket will help. Take photos or use containers to organise clips etc. Once everything undone the bumper can be withdrawn from the large plastic aligning pins and laid down in front of the car on a piece of carpet or towel. Dont forget the bolts behind the two clip on black gloss panels either side of numberplate. The DHS sensors are bolted to the rear side of the bumper so it makes sense to disconnect the battery before starting so the wiring connectors can be disconnected safely. While you have the bumper off it gives good access to the front chassis rails etc so it’s a handy time to apply cavity wax or underseal to those areas which get the brunt of the weather.

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That was a very good price for once. :+1:
I watched mine being removed last year with avid interest.
I have some pictures with it off if they may help.
This attached guide is pretty much spot on.
Just remember that the 3.75 as yours (and mine) also has the 2 plastic pull off pieces either side of the number plate. Where 2 further screws/bolts are.
(The person who took it off before didn’t!).
Sure someone else will be able to give you some tips too?

Many thanks all - will attempt to do the job myself as (as mk375 states) it would also be a good opportunity to rust proof in these areas (I have already done the underside of the car)

Scarletpimpernel - please post those pictures when you get a chance, they sound very useful

Thanks again


Attached and obviously the headlights would stay.
May be of use may be not, but you get the gist of it :+1:

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A couple more

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Thank you for your pictures. One last question, do the sensors behind the number plate plinth need to be disconnected and if so, how are they accessed prior to removing the bumper?

I have front parking sensors,foglights and DHS “eexploding bonnet” sensors to disconnect. Once you have all the bumper fixings removed and the bumper free to move you can move it forward on the plastic alignment spikes which should allow you to see if anything else is holding it. Being careful not to drop it.(2nd pair of hands)

Many thanks for everyone’s help, bumper successfully removed and new grille fitted.

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Can you post the part number you ordered for future reference?

Part number for you, still surprised how good value it was from Mazda Leamington!

Thats good of you thanks. You won’t be the last to need one of these.