Where is everybody staying ?

Were booked into Holiday Inn Express Crewe - both Friday and Saturday evening …anybody else staying there.

We were late in making the call to attend or not

I know the “official” hotel is Mercure Chester.

Most of my fellow Yorkshire Ridings members are at Premier Inn at Sandiway, but they were asking silly money by the time we came to book

Where is everybody else who’s night stopping staying.


There are a few of us from the Eastern region staying with you on the Friday night but moving on after the Rally to a cottage for the next week, join us for a few beers on Friday.


booked the premier inn at sandiway when we knew the venue £35 for the night,then to the mercure for the rally dinner,not happy the ridings are stopping at the same pace as us superior lincolnshire lot, see you all there and have a safe journey where ever you are coming from. from the red devil.

Thanks’ Brian, will try and spot you all…will you be wearing carnations   I did a run with you guys from Kings Lynn a few Easters ago round a Children’s and Dogs home, and a distillery as my Son lives down that way…but he’s in Norfolk, so he erm, joined the Norfolk 5’s


Lincolnshire lot superior to Yorks…didn’t, seem that way when we invaded your home turf at Blyton last year.   


As you say safe Journey to you all,.





im staying at somewhere called McDonald portal, apparently it’s 2 miles from the circuit, me and my wife are only staying on the Friday night, hope us sunderland people don’t bring the standard down haha.

The Red Lion just 4 minutes from the circuit 

We are a difficult bunch to miss - we will be somewhere around the bar area and quite noisy


the red lion, staying in a pub is Win win , well done.


nice to see someone else is at the same place as me, hope to see people around 

Sorry Eastern region Guys, think you were all loitering in the bar when we checked in  By the time we’d got everything in the room and returned down to the bar, you’d all disappeared…Early night boys ???


Did manage to tag onto the back of a few of you going from the hotel to the event of Saturday to make up a "4 ship formation " !!


Trust you all had a great time anyway

Hi David,

You should have come and said hello when you saw us, early night?? No sir we are the Eastern region, a whole week of partying for us, early nights do not exist in the ER!!