Where Is POLYANNA's......

Guide to polishing the engine bay parts, i can’t seem to find in on the new or old forums :’( :frowning:

I’m off work this weekend and as well as “doing” the cold air side intake, i was hoping to polish my rocker cover atleast.

Any help appriciated,



Link to the stuff in the old forum, Polly is going to write me a one page article at some time 

many thanks sir, however the post doesn’t exist, lol :frowning:

It points me to a post in the tech faq for cleaning try going directly 

still no joy, i might be do to the fact you’re a full memeber maybe?? and it might be blocked to “normal” users of the forums.

Geoff, for some reason the FAQ’s in the old forum were only viewable to Owners Club members…

ahhhh haa, it’s a ploy to make me look stupid, hehehee, even if you can caopy and paste it in here, it’d be good,

Nope, it’s a poly to make you join the Club…

I Have PM’ed and eamiled him and offered to remote control his pc to take him thru the basics, no reply as yet

Just for you mackers…



printing out all 26 pages as we speak, thankyou again,