Where or what have the Northern Ireland club members done with their MX 5 today?

Paint finish on roll bar covers chipped so going to remove them and repaint, put battery on charge checked antifreeze and tyre pressures.

Drivers heated seat not working, seat striped and fault found. It was the element burnt out on the backrest.


new element or repair?

Thought about repairing but felt a new element would be better, rather than run the risk of burning through the leather seat with.

New 2Pcs Carbon Fiber Auto Car Vehicle Seat Heating Heater Pad Kit 12V Universal and splice it into the existing wiring. 

All for less than ten pounds.


Are you going to replace the element in the passeneger seat also? Did you get all your bodywork sorted out?

Passanger seat works ok.  

As for the body work, i will be finishing the rear end underside this winter with rust converter and Dinitrol to protect it and slow up the decay.


There’s one on gumtree NI for parts and looks like it has side skirts if its of an interest to you.



Not quite today, more like ongoing over the last 3 weekends ,but I’ve managed a clutch change, swapped my diff, and having been under the car have picked out a few bits of repair needed to the under floor stiffening channels. After that it’s underseal time. 

Interior wise I’m tinkering with the E36 cubby clock mod, new Bluetooth head unit, new USB power outlet into the arm rest, and am trying to make a Mk2 wind blocker with built in speakers fit. Also putting wiring in place to retrofit heated Mk2.5 leather seats.

Hoping to have it ready for MOT and 6 months tax on 1st March!


you have been busy then, hope it all goes to plan, best of luck with the MOT. Which test centre?