Where to service in the Guildford area ??

Hi Im new here

I have just bought a MX-5 and am looking for an indepedent MX5 serviving specialist in the Guildford area, any one got any recomendations/avoids

Preferably not a main dealer.

I need to get he cam belt changed and the gearbox, engine and diff oils changed, any ideas on what sort of cost this will run out at.

I’m reasopnable handy with spanner (and have justr been given a copy of the haynes MX5 renovation book), so I may weel have a go at his myself

I am using Peter Deadman in Farnham, Surrey.

He is charging £125 for a cambelt, water pump, oil change, coolant change. I am providing the parts.

I have used him before on my other cars and he seems really fair. He’s old school (if you know what I mean)

Realise this might be a bit far for you though…

Thanks for the advice they look good, I think Im going to get them to do my cambelt, I have all the bits, I bought a kit from Mx5parts, but will probably get them to change the other belts as well 

Give Sparkes Engineering in Bisley, he’s an MX5 Specialist.  I haven’t used him personally but one of our members has and said he knows his stuff.  Not in Guildford but straight up the A322.


thanks for the advice Ill give them a call