Which do i have?

Hi all. This may be a daft question but i just want to know which version of the mk 3 i have. It is a 2011(may 2011) kendo, but is it a mk3, mk3.5 or mk3.75. How do i find out this info? Thanks. Chris.

Its a 3.5 if its a 2011 Kendo

The foglights and surrounds are the easiest way to see which is which model but roughly its:

2005-2009 MK3 (NC1)

2009-2012 MK3.5 (NC2)

2013-2015 MK3.75 (NC3)

Obviously there are end of productions/sales that may cross over the reg

Thanks for that. Chris

The Roadster blog has a good breakdown of the various models.