Which Fuel pump?

  1. My model of MX-5 is: __1998 1.6 Japanese import nb automatic
  2. I’m based near: __Fareham
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: __fuel pump
    Hi, wondered if someone could help me.
    I had a fuel pump issue with my japanese import nb 1.6 1998 mx5 automatic. A mobile mechanic sourced a complete used unit which has a BP5A sticker on it. Now i’m not 100% if he fitted the correct one and i’m not in contact with him anymore to want to ask. The car started ok once it was fitted but a few months later the next time i reconnected the battery and tried to start it (yes its not on the road!) it wouldnt start again. An auto electrician was called out as i thought it might have been an electrial fault but he says its the fuel pump again, so i will replace with another used one again and do it myself this time. My question is, should this model have a BP4W or a BP5A pump assembly?
    Its been doing my head in so any help would be really appreciated, thanks

BP4W refers to the later VVT 1.8. The 1.6 was unchanged for the life of the NB. BP5A is the JDM VICS 1.8 engine… But it shouldn’t make any difference; any NB fuel pump. It is just a pump. Hence after market pumps fit any NB. The problem is you are replacing a 25 year old pump with another 20 year old pump, knowing an old pump can fail.

You can get a new pattern fuel pump for the same price as a 25 year old used part

Also, change the fuel filter.

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I will, thank you for your help

Good advice, many thanks for clarifying which one it should have, much appreciated