Which garage to entrust upgrade from FM Link ECU on Mk1?

Hi - I’m an original forum member returning after well over a decade in the wilderness (sorry about that!). After a period of neglect my Mk1 was ‘revived’ a couple of years ago but has developed a nasty squeal (clutch release bearing?) which I’m using as an excuse to upgrade from the current FM Link based ECU to something more up to date and user friendly.

The garage I was going to consult/use has since disappeared (seems a common MX5 dilema) so I’m looking for someone knowledgeble … and most of all reliable.

At present my only viable option looks like Skuzzle but my last attempt at email communication resulted in … no reply. Not exactly inspiring.

Any real-life recommendations/guidance would be very much appreciated - I’m really after a proper FI engineer type who is also familiar with FM set ups.

One day (if anyone is interested) I’ll list the various mods over the years and maybe sell some original MkI BBR ECUs if that’s allowed here.

[as it’s been soooo long I’m not sure if my profile - if it still exists - has changed from an original BBR turbo convert thru’ BBR Stage 2 to a Link FM hybrid. Also runs various suspension FM goodies from the olden days ]

Many thanks in advance.



Hi Simon

Welcome back!

FM - Flying Miata?

You are an OC member so can sell at will using the relevant forum section.

Squealing from clutch sounds more like a spigot bearing than a release bearing. Either way the clutch will need to be accessed to resolve as my 1997 MK1 1.6 was back in 2003. Always replace that spigot bearing(the fourth part).

You obviously have old piggyback ecu support, perhaps Greddy or similar? Lots of superior stuff around now but not cheap. I would suggest Megasquirt but ME221 also very popular. We are talking £400 - 700 and more important the support and knowledge to setup/map properly.

Like you I would be on the back foot with no reply to emails/phone calls, so hopefully someone will appear on this thread who is prepared to step in and assist you.       


I expect you are referring to 5-Speed in Nottingham. Not sure that business is still going, but Ste Morecroft still seems to be active on Facebook. He originally did all the FM installs at one point for Performance 5 (Phil Dixon).