Which part of my MK1 is rusty? Pics attached


I’ve got a bit of rust on the underside of my Mx5 MK1 but have absolutely no mechanical knowledge. Can you tell me which part of the car is rusting from the pics and whether it’s a big deal?

That’s the cat (catalytic converter) they do rust eventually. That looks absolutely fine, infact from the pics in decent nick.

I assume it’s that you are worried about, can’t see anything else that’s rusty?

Agreed that looks solid.

That’s what I was referring to. Perfect thanks for putting my mind at ease

Nice floor!

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Nice clean looking floorpan & chassis areas too.
Is it me…or…are there not a couple of black hairline cracks either end of the CAT?
Sorry, but it does not look long for this world to my eyes…
Depending on age (OP) you might be allowed to fit a CAT Bypass pipe.