Which plastikote primer for interior plastics

Looking to repaint some interior plastics in black (speedo cowling and ashtray) on mk1. I will be using plastikote matt black but which primer should I use. The standard primer doesnt say its for plastic so not sure if it suitable. There also seems to be specific plastic primer but that seems to be white.

I used plastikote to paint my vw T5 dash and door linings and I used the plastikote primer and it was fine

I used Hycote plastic primer on my dash.

I have used Halfords plastic primer for similar, works well

Cheers good to know other stuff works as well I’ll see what I can find as the plastikote plastic primer isnt available as easy either

Try contacting paints4u. Based in Grimsby. I got paint specifically for plastic (tan for v spec).
Helpful guy