Which Turbo?

Hi, Advise please.

Just bought a MX5 1.8 Turbo kit for my 1994 1.8 v spec.


My question is which turbo to buy for quick spool up as I’m not bothered about top speed just quick acceleration.

I believe the TD04 is the one to go for but which one? or which other?




I would have thought that your turbo options are limited to the flange on the manifold, what do kage-uk suggest?

As for spool up times, the Mitsi TD04 are low mass and quick to spool up (I’m talking from experience with SAABs here, not MX5s) a TD04L should do the trick, something no bigger than a 14T on the compressor side though unless you want boost in higher revs. What about engine management though, is that part of the kit?

Well you might have just dug yourself into a deep financial hole, but that turbo kit is designed for the garret 2860rs 

Try find a Nissan 200sx turbo in good nick and have it rebuilt would be your best bet, if it’s not to late I would cancel and look for a kit that fits the tdo4L-13t turbo, there’s much more range and much cheeper than a garret alternative

The KAGE system is indeed set up for Garret turbo’s. I used this but substituted the Garrett GT2554 which is a smaller faster spooling turbo and it fits the KAGE set up (with the addition of a blower outlet adaptor - sourced from eBay)
Starts to spool up at 1500 rpm with full boost at 11psi by 2500rpm. Dyno test showed 246bhp - Pip at WGT Auto Developments Ltd

Outlet Flange T25 T28 GT25 GT28 SR20DET Silvia 200SX Turbo Compressor Outlet Adapter Flange
( 322153680367 )