Whining gearbox

Just bought a mk1 with a gearbox whine that is horrendously loud, the box changes great but would like a quick fix if there is one?

Ear Protectors!

Suppose that’s a quick fix but how about a mechanical fix?

Think what they are trying to say is dont worry to much,they are pretty noisy anyway.Change the gearbox oil if its not been done for a while take the top down and enjoy…Ive got a mark 3.5 with hardly any miles and its noisy at low revs


The ‘quick fix’ is to replace the gearbox with good used one. The less quick fix is to strip it down and replace the offending components. I’d replace the box rather than strip it. As has been said, try an oil change but if it is a worn component then it’s unlikely to make much difference.

Are you sure that it is a gearbox noise? And that it is a fault rather than a ‘feature’.

mine is quite noisy with the hood up but silent when its down, yes they are noisy ish you may just be listening to hard ;), also I bet both the gear leaver cover thingy’s are broke under the gater I bet that’s not helping :wink:


Sounds like yours needs the rubber gearstick gators replacing from the description there.

yep just waiting the next couple of weeks to get the mot out the way then the spending starts :wink:


ended up moving it on, as to be honest I prefer my mk1 s spec (rust free)with a silent gear boxWinkbut stiff 1st to 2ndFrown

If your gear box is seriously whining, then changing oil will not sort it out.  You need to look for an garage offering an exchange gearbox service.  Sorry to say, you are probably looking at a grand or so …it’s the labour in changing the box that costs.  Maybe you can find a semi-retired mechanic in your area??


Take it into a Mazda dealer and ask for a quote for fixing it.   Then you will at least know what the problem really is, and maybe you can use a local mechanic to sort it for 50% of the Mazda price.