Who’s driving up the M40 from the M25 on Sunday?

Good morning!

I’ll be taking the M40 right from J16 on the M25. Aiming to get to Gaydon for about 10 so probably joining the M40 about 8:30-8:45. 

Anyone else coming from the same direction?

as the primary route from the SE to the event, a small army of MX-5s can usually be found on the march up the M40!

That’s what I thought! However I hadn’t seen much talk of it so thought I’d put it out there 

In previous years various groups have used the Beaconsfield Services as a meeting point on the M40, there is usually plenty of parking there at that time on a Sunday morning. 

The Wetherspoons coffee was very good when I visited a couple of months ago, apparently the best of the six possible franchise coffees on offer there.