Who's Car ??

 Does anyone know the owner ?..


 Why, is he in bother/{#emotions_dlg.wink}

I can probably find out if you drop me a pm with details…

Isn’t his name Chris Player ?.   PH

Not likely as thats me   Confused…the link works from here as well as work, but if folk are having problems viewing the correct image it is # 83


Apologies Chris was researching another “5” your name came up in a post & I had brain fade & entered it ??? sorry old age catching up. Paul H.

No worries PH, but if anyone does know who the owner is then get them to mail me please. I have a series of pics as they drove past on the parade lap.


 Hi All,

They are from the Oxford Area, Jan and Allan. Sorry I can’t remember surname at the moment. I’m sure somebody from the Oxord area can help.




If it is them they are Jan & Alan Hodson , although often with the Oxford Area group no longer live around Oxford.   PH, (Oxford area member).

 All sorted now, many thanks for all your help…{#emotions_dlg.thumb}