Why are people so angry now?

Keep seeing this more and more now, people getting really angry over nothing. 

Scenario; me and the better half have got into the habit of getting up early, going for a drive and ending up somewhere for a walk before going on to somewhere to eat. So on Saturday we set off to Hastings and after wafting through the likes of Rye and Appledore on the way there we end up on Hastings seafront about 9am. Now when i go to Hastings i always park away from the old town, somewhere near the Source skatepark as it’s cheaper and away for the shyateting gulls. 

So i get near to where i want to park on the front, slow down a bit to spot a space and notice some idiot right up my ar*e. Now there’s nothing about, the promenade is a wide road so this guy can go around me at any point. I spot a space, indicate my intention and then start to brake at which point i get a 5 second horn blast from the idiot. I wait for him to pull round me and give him a sign that might suggest he beeped twice (V). Next thing this guy has literally screeched to a halt, shot backwards and proceeds to give me a lecture about my driving. I reply back with at what point did i do anything wrong knowing full well i haven’t, the idiot has nothing and continues to be angry at which point i close my window and ignore. He then screeches off again in an obvious hurry. If he was in that much of a hurry he could have just gone round, cursed a bit for me driving a bit slower and been on his way but it was as if he had to make a point of it. 

So what is it that gets people this angry now? I used to think it was a London thing and it did use to be a London thing but it seems to be spreading. Going to France at the end of next week and i can’t wait. I don’t know about Paris but the rest of the time i find the driving over there to be of a far higher standard than our own.

I think many of them are still hungover or on drugs!  German cars owners, “the entitled ones”, seem the worst.

That’s the thing, this guy was is in a standard Mazda 3!!!


Well I think comments like this don’t help, because I’m angry now…


I blame modern ‘soaps’.

They portray modern day to day life don’t they? People watch them and think what they see is the ‘normal’ way to behave hence the rude, aggressive and sometimes violent behaviour that we witness in the real world.


I don’t read The Mail as it really makes me angry Frown

The Mail is designed to make you angry, they can sensationalise paint drying. 



Their always up for a battle in Hastings.

But seriously, certain sections of “society”… whatever that is… hsve evolved into  uncompromising , self inflicted debt-ridden, desperate “just in time” (read My Time") selfish, narcissistic , retail / customer service instant gratification, Outrage Bussing mass of population-compressed tssrs.

There are a lot of nice people though…if you look hard enough. 

My Grandfather, and I’m 67, taught me “The Hand of 5”…and that was in the 60’s. Basically, if through life you have enough people to count on one hand who enrich your life and you can rely on when the chips are down… expect no more and be grateful.

It’s turned out to be remarkably accurate over the decades.


Only one BMW on there

Absolutely agree on the “hand of 5”, was taught the same lesson in my youth and while not as experienced in my years as you sir it’s kept me right so far. 



Aye…but all the others were perhaps stolen/not recovered…or doing time! 

REPORTED!!! You insensitive er, the term is that the paint is ‘wetnessly challenged’ these day!!!  You deserve all the hands of 5 you get!!! Now can you hurry up and park so I don’t have to to turn the wheel!!!



Just an opinion but I believe we are encouraged to see ourselves as individuals and we have to look after ourselves. Not a bad idea as far as it goes but stick us in a car or give us a text/email etc to write and sometimes we seem to forget about giving each other a bit of respect. I also think so-called newspapers like to encourage moral outrage so we can feel better about ourselves. I’m no goody two shoes when I’m driving either but my road rage control officer keeps me in line.

No earth-shattering theories from me.

A very small minority of people have always been angry.  In my experience, the majority of people are ‘nice’ - polite, tolerant, caring, and interesting to know.  If you meet occasional f*ckwittery, smile at it, put it down to experience, shrug your shoulders and move on.


It’s all the nasty stuff in the water we drink!  People forget that what they pour down the sink/drain/toilet is what they’ll be drinking again in a few days time!

Tbh that’s what i normally do when i see people getting heated in traffic jams etc or just laugh inside at them getting that wound up. But it was just the way this guy acted, he had genuine hate across his face and couldn’t understand i don’t think as to why i might be slightly miffed at his unneeded actions. 

And i agree as to most people being nice well-rounded human beings but put them in a car and a lot seem to change. 


It could be…you were in the sort of Mazda his “Er indoors” / little Doris / toxic Nag /Broom pilot won’t allow him to have…

Mind you, had a similar situation a few weeks back.  Returning home, plumber’s van close behind, I live on a country road, my house is the first of a batch of 5 on the l/h side of the road, no others for a mile in either direction.  As I approach at about 70metres I slow down gradually, l/h indicator going, come to a halt outside my place and switch to hazard warning lights, put car briefly in reverse to show my intentions.  No other vehicle, other than the van, in either direction, so we sit there until he eventually pulled up alongside and shouts out “Wosser matta?” to which I replied “Nothing, I live here and I want to reverse into my drive, if that’s alright with you!”.  He roared off mouthing the usual banal obscenities.  I only hope his plumbing skills are better than his driving skills.  I doubt it, so I made a note of the firm’s name so as not to use them at any time.