Why can't I log on with my username?

Usually I use my email address when logging onto the forum, but thought I would try logging on via my username instead as there is less typing needed. It won’t let me do it though, tells me this:


Yet here I am?

So what am I doing wrong?

According to yoiur forum account settings, you are not a member of the MX5 Owners Club. You are trying to login via the Club Website, not the forum. If you are a paid up member of the club, contact Admin to fix your account.

True, not a member (yet), but that’s the only logon page I can find, and it accepts me on that page identified by my email address so why not as another unique identifier they have on record?

Doesn’t work for me either but have always used my email to log in



Tried it, it shows a blue Log In link in the top right hand corner, which takes me back to Log In ‹ MX-5 Owners Club — WordPress