Will be looking for a mx soon ,any tips what to look for etc?

Hi I’m soon going to be looking for a mx5 probably between 2010 - 2014 . I reckon I’m gona go for the 2.0 litre for a bit more poke and lsd . Is there anything to look for faults or certain specs etc? I’ve had a mk 1 and mk 2 and both great fun though few years ago now ,is the mk3.5 similar feel to drive or does it feel bulkier? I’m in Bideford N.Devon if theres anyone close would like to meet so I could have a look at theres would be good .

Wheal arch inspection and a good look underneath are essential. Also the car must have had regular oil changes with quality oil. Gearbox and diff oil as well as engine. Apparently engines good as long as you keep a good eye on the level.
I bought a 2009 mk 3.5 after 8 years of mk 2.5 Sport (amazingly reliable)ownership. The Mk 3.5 feels much more planted but the earlier car had better steering and nicer handling but a bodywork nightmare for a number of reasons.
I fitted Bilstein Sport B6 shockers which transformed the handling helped by Continental Contact Sport tyres. The original Bridgestones were very vague somehow. I would think any good aftermarket spring/shock absorber combo would improve on the standard kit and a lot of guys swear by Meister Rs. I only bought “Proper” Bilsteins as I do quite high mileages. Cheapest route to more power appears to be a very good quality 4 branch manifold, high flow filter and re-map, mine now shows 184BHP and feels properly quick but needs plenty of revs. Paul Roddison Motorsport used to do this upgrade, worth checking with him.

Ok thanks guys I’ve been doing a bit of research so have half a idea now. Bit concerned of mx5’s after 2010 still having rust issues? The mk 1 and 2 both felt very connected to the road and positive feedback through the wheel,the mk3 on looking chunkier look like they arent going to be quite the same ride .

When I got rid of my 61 reg 2.0 litre PRHT earlier this year, there was already very noticeable rust around the side repeater and under the boot lid lip, so make sure you look long and hard at any potential buy! Whatever you end up buying, it might be worth sorting out the scuttle grommets as your first job because if the water gets in without you knowing about it, it can cause some problems that are expensive to fix. I speak from personal experience!
It’s a very personal thing, but to me, my NA gives me a lot more pleasure without having to go fast, which given how busy the roads are these days is better. The NC was refined and powerful but I found that driving it at the speed other traffic dictated made it feel a bit like every other modern car on the road.
I’ve no doubt other members will completely disagree!

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Thanks paul what do you mean by scuttle gromits,are they in by the wiper arms ? I start looking within the next month or so . Be nice if theres anyone local to me I could meet up have a look round theres get a feel for them . I’ve been browsing online line at earlier models but you check the mot history and they are all buggered sadly.

The scuttle grommets are within the plastic cover underneath the wiper arms and are renowned for the rubber perishing and allowing water in.
The near side ones are the worst but when I replaced ours a few months ago I did both near side and drivers side.
They are fairly easy to do and there are good guides to follow on you tube.
You can either buy new ones or silicone the old ones back in, to be sure I bought new for ours and backed it up with silicone as well.
The MOT history check is also well worth a look as you mention as it helps you avoid possible problems in the future which we certainly managed to avoid.
Good hunting for your MX, it’s out there you just have to find it

Thanks guys