Will This Fail MOT?

Will having the number plate here fail an MOT?


I’ve seen a few with the plate stuck there, can’t say that would look unreadable from
a distance looking straight at it.

The plate looks correct, so the only debatable part is the presentation angle.
I’d say, worth a punt, take it in but have a plan ‘B’ if they decide against it.

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I was trying to find something in the regulations concerning where the plate should be mounted, couldn’t see anything obvious.

This is what the tester should be testing too… looks like a pass (maybe with an advise for not being vertical) to me…

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Mine did

NB with number plate stuck on the bonnet about 1" from the bonnet edge has passed the last 2 MOT’s no problem

Yeah fail to see the word “vertical” anywhere in the regulations.

From the inspection manual:
“Registration plates fitted to vehicles manufactured on or after 1 January 1980 must: … be fitted vertically, or as close to vertical as is reasonably practicable”. The listed “major” defect (i.e. failure) is “Number plate does not conform to the specified requirements”.
On the basis that “stock” NAs and NBs have mounts to provide a vertical plate it’s reasonably practicable for the vehicle to comply with the requirement. The tester may decide that removing the mount and relocating the plate should fail the test.
Feeling lucky?

Most testers will turn a blind eye to that.
Plod can use it as an excuse to pull you over for a chat ! now that APNR is much more of a thing !

I would hang some fluffy Dice on the mirror in case you have to roll them :rofl:

Compared to the number of BMW and Audi drivers who remove them completely from the front then stick them on the dashboard (“It fell off guv”) to evade the cameras I would say that was pretty minor !

BARMY was fine in Australia for a decade, but I did try very hard to get the plate vertical. Many cans of VB, a hairdryer and many swearings were required.

It would be nice to think that something similar would be ok in the UK.

Mine is in a very similar place (albeit slightly higher) on a mk1 and it’s never been an issue (to my knowledge).

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Mine is in exactly the same place - never had a problem in 15 years.

Yes, you should be fine!

I have this setup fitted to MK1 MX5 and have had no problems with passing an MOT. My car is an import Eunos so they allow slightly smaller plates because its an import. Generally if you use the British Standard current plate sizing/font and its clear to read from the front then you’ll probably be fine!

My mate who is an MOT inspector says technically that would fail but the few who do bring in cars with plates like that usually put a temporary plate on to get it through the mot.

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Take it to the garage you will take it to for the MOT and ask them directly. If they say they will not fail it on that then all is good. If they say they would fail it you can discuss what they would want to see or take it somewhere else.


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