Wind break

Hi all, I have a ND RF and was wondering if anyone has come across a better wind breaker option than the standard option. Sorry if this has been asked before!

A quick search would have revealed Mazda MX-5 Mk4 ND Soft Top Acrylic Wind Deflector Clear or Tinted Grey


That will be me that Malc is talking about. I have them in stock for both the Mk4 soft top and now the Mk3 too.

Clear acrylic at £50 and tinted at £55 including UK delivery.

PM me if you are interested.


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I now see ‘RF’ and note they are for “2015 - 2020 models, Soft top. Not suitable for RF retractable fastback models” So back to the drawing board I think.
PS My teachers were always on at me to ‘read the question’, looks like they wasted their time and mine!!!
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B- for me too Malc. I missed the RF in the question as well. :worried:

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Isn’t the rear window the windbreak?

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No the rear window goes down with roof on RF,

There’s a theory the windbreaker doesn’t do much on the RF anyway! I’ve tried with and without, nowhere near as much difference as whether the door windows are up or down…

I think it needs a deflector on the top of windscreen like some Mercs have, perhaps extend the sun visors some how?

…could try just leaving the roof up…doh

…I’ll get my coat…

Isn’t that what BMW Z4 drivers do!