Wind thingy

Hi all,
I am looking for a windstopper for my 2.5, quite like MX5 Parts “m” shaped mesh one but wonder if anyone has experience of these, also what others are available from other suppliers ?
Thanks in advance Dave.

Ps frustratingly when I tried calling this thread wind deflector stopper etc. it kept telling me that this title had already been used, don’t get it, please enlighten me!

This is a good one

The software doesn’t allow duplicate thread titles. Partly a suggestion to add to an existing thread on the same topic

Hi Ian,
I thought there may be a reason for it so as to avoid repetition I guess, the thing is how do I find the existing thread ? I suspect I’m being a bit dim here but all help and advice is appreciated.

If you use the search option (magnifying glass) then you can see what has been asked/discussed previously on a subject.

Thanks Ian that makes sense, I’ll give it a try.

Hi again Ian, I went for one of these and received it yesterday, seems to be decent quality at a more reasonable price so thanks very much for your suggestion, will fit it today and hopefully start driving again next month.
Again thanks.

Glad to hear it, I hope you’re happy with the performance on the move.

Hi Ian, I have now tested it on the move and I am surprised and happy with how it performs, we drove up to around 65 with no excessive buffeting in fact far less than at 35 with it folded down, really appreciate the heads up, thank you.
Kind regards Dave.