Wind thingy

Hi all,
I am looking for a windstopper for my 2.5, quite like MX5 Parts “m” shaped mesh one but wonder if anyone has experience of these, also what others are available from other suppliers ?
Thanks in advance Dave.

Ps frustratingly when I tried calling this thread wind deflector stopper etc. it kept telling me that this title had already been used, don’t get it, please enlighten me!

This is a good one

The software doesn’t allow duplicate thread titles. Partly a suggestion to add to an existing thread on the same topic

Hi Ian,
I thought there may be a reason for it so as to avoid repetition I guess, the thing is how do I find the existing thread ? I suspect I’m being a bit dim here but all help and advice is appreciated.

If you use the search option (magnifying glass) then you can see what has been asked/discussed previously on a subject.

Thanks Ian that makes sense, I’ll give it a try.

Hi again Ian, I went for one of these and received it yesterday, seems to be decent quality at a more reasonable price so thanks very much for your suggestion, will fit it today and hopefully start driving again next month.
Again thanks.

Glad to hear it, I hope you’re happy with the performance on the move.