Windows Explorer and the new Forum

Does the new system work with windows explorer? I am having no luck in seeing this section on my Surface Tablet. Ta in advance.

Sorry Malcolm don’t have the ability to test that, tagging @Smiffy @khalid to see if they have any way to validate.


You can see the site front page of the on IE11 not the forum. I’m running WIN10 64 Bit

In IE 11 if you go into Compatibility view in IE11 it still does not work for me on IE11, Site front page yes, Forum no.

Again on my Win10 PC with Microsoft Edge browser, the same you can see the site front page but no forum pages.

Win 10 and Firefox 72.0.2 (64 bit) you can see all the pages.

As a workaround Chrome and Safari browsers both work if you have access to them.

Windows 10 Edge is working for me…

but not in Internet Explorer…

but then Internet Explorers isn’t a modern browser.

@Mad_Malc what surface do you have, and does it have Microsoft Edge installed?

Yes, tried Edge again, the front page loaded fast, it took a while to load the forum but in time the forum loaded.

Hi S,
It is an early one running RT and does not and can not run Edge. My phone is also on Explorer and actually tells me the new forum will not work with it.
When you are getting on a bit change is always a challenge and this is no exception. Still progress is inevitable and no one died.

Yeah - I had one of those RT Surface’s - Microsoft has discontinue developing Windows RT, but they do make good digital photo frames.
Not much help I’m afraid, but the newer browers support better security etc.

Just in case others have the same issue as me -Can’t access the new forum content on my old PC (Vista) and my iPad is ios9 which is not supported either as it needs ios10 onwards. Can view on my phone though.