Windows up or down

Windows up for the passenger, faster roads and on longer stints so I can hear me tunes.
The real question you should be asking is why buy and RF? :wink:


It’s windows up for me as previously posted

Except during the ‘menopause years’ then window down down down :hot_face: :face_with_thermometer: :sweat: :blush: :crazy_face:

Not fun but :joy: now that’s in the past :rofl:


Agree with many of you - definitely up on dual carriageways, and down on slower roads - unless it’s winter/night, then up. Keeps all that lovely heat in.
Of course you’ve got to have the right headgear! :wink: :sunglasses: :santa:


Anywhere in between

Down being total luxury in any weather compared with my last car, a Westfield.

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Oops…Forgot to mention as a windows up driver…

Apart from the ‘menopause years’ when it was windows down down down…

There were the ‘Cocker Spaniel Navigator years’

Windows Down/Half Down on the Passenger Side so he could put his paws on the arm rest and stick his head out the window to feel the wind in his ears

I mean you gotta listen to your navigator !



Windows up. It prevents buffeting

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I can’t believe you see a lot of people other than 5 owners with the top down :rofl: I can’t believe that folks would by a soft top and not use it :woozy_face: for me it all down all the time :+1::+1:


It could be said that folks are using their soft top… as a top.


It depends how fast you are going. At low speeds it’s fine but at 120 mph not to much .:wink:

most people tend to keep below 120mph especially in built up areas :joy:

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Windows down always!
Even though it takes a solid 5 minutes to wind them down :joy:


My simple question is: What is the point in having a super soft-top sportscar if you don’t take every chance you can to drive it with the hood and windows down!


Depends on the speed I am doing, I find in the UK it is rarely warm enough to have the windows down at the national speed limit but when doing less than 40 I’ll have the windows down between April and October.

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A squirt of GT85 teflon spray down the bowden cable sleeves should sort that out in a jiffy.

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Ours is drivers side windows down, passenger up… what is rain over 50mph… with a mk2.5 wind deflector :crazy_face:

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Then there’s the pollen problem…
Meaning that the roof and windows have to stay up and the air-con on some days, if you’re prone to allergies - alas :disappointed_relieved:

Roof down windows up unless slow cruising. With roof up window cracked to break up the drumminess. (if that’s a word :grin:)