Windscreen lower cowl grommet removal

I have just received the new lower windscreen cowl for my NB but I see that Mazda,in their wisdom, choose to supply the part with the 5 screw cover grommets fitted. My question is - how do I get them off without damaging the new expensive cowl? Any ideas would be appreciated.

Can you not release the fixing lugs from the back?

Jay, did you succeed with this? I’ve just got the same part (assume it is), and am scratching my head also. What’s the best way of releasing the existing lugs from the body, particularly the end two? I need to salvage these ones as they weren’t supplied with the new cowl

Done it now. Use the smallest sharpest flat head you have and prise off the caps. Stick a bit of tape over the side opposite the screwdriver to prevent the caps launching themselves into orbit.

No need to remove the caps from the new part. Just clip the whole thing into place after removing the old grommets.