Windscreen Replacement


A large stone has hit my windscreen on the motorway and a 5 inch crack has appeared so I suppose it will need replacing.

Wondered if anyone has had one replaced on a Mk2.5 like mine.

I am insured with a £75 excess BUT, as it is a claim, will it affect the renewal premium and whether if later you wanted to take out a new policy you would have to declare it as a claim and thus increasing the premium.  I’m NOT referring to NCB which is not affected, but the original premium.  I think they get you both ways.

Because of this I am thinking I won’t go through the insurance but just pay.

Anybody got an idea of the cost of supply and fit for a new windscreen?

Also what experience have you had regarding fit, leaks, creaks etc.

Any experiences?  Thanks

It doesn’t count as a claim.

Insurers ask for incidents and accidents for many this does now include windscreen however none that I know of increase premiums.

Yes I think you are right.

I’ve done a bit of experimenting with Insurance quotes on-line.  It seems that they do count a windscreen claim as a claim but when I’ve put that in it makes no difference to the premium.  I will therefore go ahead through insurance for a replacement windscreen.

Interestingly though, I’ve tried Churchill, Direct Line, Aviva, Asda, Tesco and Saga, none of which attracts an increased premium for a windscreen claim but you’d be amazed at the difference in premiums, some varying as much as 3 times the others.

Just recently bought my first MX5 and have noticed what i thought was possible paint overspray on the windscreen, Tried to clean with variouse products and found out it was dust between the glass on the windscreen  and when sun hits the screen the vision is horrible .Only 3rd party so looking at forums for advice. It seemed the best advise was if you can get it around £200 go for it. I got a quote from Budget Windscreens for £150 Fitted by mobile unit but felt that autoglass should be better so phoned for a quote £194 but due to paying up front and booking it in at Guildord got it down to £162.70 , just received a call saying that the screen should be slighty tinted green but no problem as will be in Stock for the day. But i will be needing new trim as it will be damaged getting the screen out , Original will be £111 or another option at £63.90  which the fitter says looks better , He will show on saturdays appointment . Any thoughts anyone ?

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UPDATE  turned up saturday fitted with option trim as a better fit no extra charge  So only cost me £162.70 RESULT