Wing Mounted Aerial

I have recently updated the head unit on my ‘08 NC. As part of this upgrade I have installed a DAB aerial. This leaves the rear wing mounted aerial redundant, as I won’t listen to FM or AM now I have digital.
The rear aerial is also a pain as I use a car cover and need to remove it every time I cover the car.
So the question is…Does anyone know of a grommet or screw in cap that can replace the aerial mast?

You may want to leave that aerial in place, DAB isn’t always the answer, thinking of poor reception areas.
I’ve got a stubby aerial, much easier if you have a cover but mine tends to bend a little if covered up for any length of time. If stored in the garage for a while it’s easy to just unscrew.


I have fitted a stubby too - mine was from here:

It’s aluminum so no bending. It might go under your cover.