Winter Tyres



I live on a hill and am thinking of getting winter tyres for my mk4.  Can anyone tell me what spec  I should be looking for and where is a good place to order them from.



Hi I had Toyo snowproxes on my mk3.75 which I was more than happy with and had no problems in 2" of snow round Barnsley. I bought the wheels and tyres as a package from Wheelbasealloys near Bolton. Their website gives options for sizes to suit your car.

I’ve got 4 wheels for sale - tyres on them but could be doing with replacing - non winter ones.

So if you want wheels to put your winters on…!


Wheels are in Central Beds -

Do you want 16" or 17"?

You don’t say what model you have, but if you have a 2.0 Sport on 17" rims then the recommended winter tyre is listed as 205/45 R17 M+S with a speed rating of any of the following:  84Q/84S/84H/84V or 84W.

I know as I got confirmation on this from Mazda (it is also listed in your manual - so best to check it to make double sure). 



Why do people ask questions, then never respond? 

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Could you add a few more details to help people answer your question, for example your tyre/wheel size and the area you live.

NickD, the most “tyred” person on the forum has responded, I’ve had good advice from him and others have benefited from his prices. Who knows, you may live in his neighbourhood!




Sorry I wasn’t specific enough re my winter tyre question. I have a mk4 with 16 inch alloy wheels and live in Brill near Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire. As I live on a hill I’ve been told I will have problems getting up and down the hill to work when the weather gets bad. I’m therefore looking in getting winter tyres. What di you suggest I get and where from? Thanks 

Why not get a set of steel wheels with winter rubber from the likes of - 16" will be fine

A lot cheaper over a few winters than paying to have the tyres swapped over on your current wheels

I’ve got Nokian WR A3’s as my winter tyre. 

They are a great price (from the likes of Black circle) and they are fantastic for grip in winter conditions. Makes a MASSIVE difference when on snow; turns an uncontrollable sled back into a car again. Highly recommended. 

Re what wheels to use, you can use your existing rims and pay the local tyres shop to swap over to the winter tyres; should cost around £40 or so to swap, or buy new rims for your winter tyres.

Personaly I’d fit on alloys to same spec as to your standard rims (contact Mazda to check exactly what rims you have to ensure you won’t have issues with fit or insurance). And make sure you check your manual as well as the sticker on the door edge which details the size and rating of winter tyres that is certified by Mazda. If you use a different size you may have issues re warranty and insurance. 



Sorry I haven’t responded but have been ridiculously busy! It’s 16 I need. I’m having my first service next week so will check with the garage what is best to go for. 

Thanks, that’s really useful, it’s going in for first service next week so will check with them.


I’ll echo the recommendation ok the Nokians, WRG3 in my case (2007MK3 1.8, 1" wheels)

But I would NOT recommend using the Mazda alloys unless they have vastly improved. I have my tyres fitted to a set of the standard 5-spoke wheels, these are so badly protected that when the salty water seeps between the rim and tyre corrosion occurs around the edge of the rim and/or valve hole, leading to leaks - so the tyres have to come off, leak fixed, then back on. This can’t be doing the tyres any good apart from it being a damn nuisance!